Indian Railways has come up with an exclusive offer for passengers those who travel in top-class trains. India’s biggest railway company Indian Railways has decided to sell empty berths in premium trains at a discount. The organisation has given 10% discount to the empty berths on top trains on the base fare of the last ticket sold for a particular class just before the preparation of the Chart.

This discount will also apply to the part of vacant berths in the train by Train Ticket Collectors. The 10% rebate on the vacant berths will be applicable from December 20 on all Top-class trains like Rajdhani, Duranto and Shatabdi with the Flexi fare. According to the sources, the flexi fare is badly affecting occupancy, and several seats are left empty.

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In the flexi fare system, the price of the last tickets sold goes out to be 50% costlier than the original cost. So, for booking of an empty berth, the passenger will have to pay only 40% more on the basic fare and other charges will remain the same.

The Indian Railways has also taken a few necessary steps to report the problem of vacant berths. It has minimised the ticket fares of two Shatabdi trains which are Chennai Central-Mysore and New Delhi-Ajmer.

The ticket rate from Chennai to Mysore can reduce to Rs 330 from Rs 440 and from Mysore to Chennai will minimise to Rs 300 from Rs 330.

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Coming to the New Delhi-Ajmer Shatabdi, the ticket fare for Ajmer-Jaipur will be Rs 300 only. The railways have also reduced Tatkal Quota in flexi fare trains to 10% in every class.

Apart from these, Indian Railways the Vikalp scheme has also enlarged. Waiting list passengers will be placed on any train or class without being charged any extra money. The only thing passengers will have to do just put the option at the booking time.


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