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The People Across the Globe are celebrating World Water Day on 22nd March which is the day specially organised to raise awareness among people about waste of water. Indian Railways announced about their attempt of preserving water.

Currently, Indian Railways buy water from various states and for the year railways pay about Rs. 4000 crore as its water bill. Now they aimed to save crores and to cut down the water bill by buying recycled water from the private players.

The Senior Railway Ministry official said, “The water policy envisages buying treated water from water treatment plants for two paise per litre, while we now purchase water for seven paise per litre.”

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Indian Railways implemented the water policy which is the first policy for the national transport. The policy includes various measures such as detailed framework for implementing water treatment plant. These water plants are collaborated with private organisations to generate required amount of water.

The water policy also includes water harvesting in all railway buildings, restoring ground water and implementing water bodies on rail land throughout the country. Private players also joined hands with Indian Railways to set the water plants.

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According to the reports, the water policy is a part of Commitment India started by UN under INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions). Indian Railways is aimed to reduce water consumption by 20 percent by the year 2030.