Ugadi has a very prominent role in the Hindu calendar. According to the Georgian calendar we celebrate New Year on January 1st but when coming to the Hindu calendar we celebrate the New Year in the chaitra mas.

The name Ugadi is derived from the Sanskrit words yuga and adhi which gives you the meaning of new beginning.  With this Ugadi a new year will begin. According to the luni solar calendar on Chaitra Suddha paadyami Ugadi will occur.

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This festival was celebrated by the people of Telugu, kannada, Marathi, Konkani. The reason behind celebrating this festival is to start a new year. By this day a year will complete and we will enter into another year, it symbolizes to forget the past and movie on with new life.

On this day people wake up early in the morning and decorate the entrance of the houses with mango leaves. Tying the mango leaves represents the two sons of lord shiva i.e ganesh and Karthikeya. Ugadi pachadi is the main dish to be done on this day. This pachadi represents the Ugadi festival importance. It is a dish symbolizes with Ugadi. It is a combination of six different tastes and it symbolizes the happiness, disgust, anger, fear, surprise and sadness.

We put six items in the Ugadi pachadi and it symbolizes emotions of our life

  • Jaggery which represents happiness
  • Neem Buds which represents sadness
  • Green chilli which represents anger
  • Salt which represents fear
  • Tamarind juice which represents disgust
  • Neem flowers and tender of mango seed which represents surprise

This Ugadi marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar calendar with the change in the moons orbit. On this day people will participate in the program of Pachanga sravanam. In this pachange sravanma pundits’ will tell about the behaviour of each sun sign.


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