Indian Railways Content on Demand

Worried about missing all you favorite TV stuff when in a train? Indian railways now to provide entertainment content to your personal devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Indian railways ministry has invited bids for Content on Demand (CoD) and rail radio services for travelers from April.

Indian Railways has come a long way in following the latest trends over the past couple of years. Recently, the venture between Indian Railways and Google provides free Wi-fi services for more than 400 railway stations. This new Content on Demand (CoD) and rail radio services provides you access to movies and TV shows.

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Besides this go through internet service, companies like Vodafone, Airtel, hotstar, etc. can bid their interest to offer entertainment services for passengers. However, this CoD and rail radio services will be rolled out in phases as per the tender document.

The service provider will provide the streaming service in all trains, while radio might not be offered at all stations. Any which way Radio is a kind of thing available all around subjective to the signal. Indian Railways will advertise digital brochures and announce about this technology to apprise the passengers.

The passengers can make use of Wi-fi service and avail CoD on the personal devices which make them less boring. The licensee will offer both free and paid content of which customers can choose as per their choice. Also, this may generate more views and revenue which eventually benefit the service providers. On the other hand, there are some restrictions too, the service provider shall only provide U, U/A, PG-rated video content.

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Above all, Government will also impose some charge on these CoD service providers. Amidst the fact that this service could be a great initiative to beat the boredom in train journey. On the other hand, services like this can also help Indian Railways in better passenger engagement.


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