Motorola has Planning to release Moto X in the next month June 9. The images regarding the pictures are roaming on the internet. The new look of Moto X 2016(4th Generation) is different and comes with the Modular Black Plate design.  These two variants are named as “Vertex” and “Vertex Thin“. Moto X have the sleek and sturdy design in their upcoming variant. The Moto X 2016 handset images are leaked on the Google Plus by HelloMotoHK.

Moto X comes with the two colour options with similar dimensions.  One option with the Silver and another in Black colour. In the Rear-end Motorola logo is printed below the camera. At the bottom of the device the square with the circular edges and the button is placed for the fingerprint scanning. The unique feature for customising the metal frame can be done with the help of MotoMaker.

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The specifications for Moto X are listed here and you can understand how the specifications are going to be on the handset. The specifications are elaborated as per their segment.

Display and Processor:  The device comes with 5.5-inch Quad-HD Display with 2560 x 1440 resolution.  The best performance processor Quad-Core Snapdragon 820 is embedded on the board. 4GB of RAM enhances the phone’s speed and there will be no lag in processing or work.

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Camera:  The rear camera comes in the circular shape with the dual LED flash which is integrated within the camera segment. The rear camera has 16 megapixel with auto focus helps in shooting high resolutions images and it also supports Optimal Image Stabilization (OIS).  The front facing camera is included with the Flashlight, which enhances the video recording and capturing the selfies.  It comes with 8megapixel camera with the Auto-focus.

Storage: Moto X might have the storage capacity of 32GB and 64GB. If also supports the Micro SD for the expanding the memory and it supports up to 128GB of storage space.

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Battery:  For these decent specifications, Motorola has to consider the battery performance also. The device might get the Li-Ion battery capacity of either 2,600 mAh or 3,600 mAh.  The charging port connector comes with the latest USB Type-C Port compatibility which gives the fast charging.

Others: The device have pinholes on the bottom of the rear-end and this helps in connectivity for the accessories.

The above-mentioned specifications are judged from the leaked images and the above-mentioned specifications might likely to happen on the Moto X(4th Gen) device. To experience the hands on the device, you have to wait for the release. The release date for the Moto X(4th Generation) is on June 9, 2016.


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