Check it out the Ugadi SMS 2017. We have given lots of collection of Happy Ugadi messages for you. Download this Ugadi SMS in Telugu and send to all your friends on WhatsApp and other messengers, on this wonderful occasion send all your Happy Ugadi Wishes to all. On this festival day don’t forget any single person and wish them with your wishes

Ugadi is one of the important festivals in Hindu traditions and major festival for the Telugu and Kannada people. Ugadi means New Year, by this day we will complete one year and enter into another new year. We always follow English calendar, so according to that calendar we celebrate the New Year on January 1st. But according to our Hindu traditions, we celebrated the New Year in the Chaitra masam with the name of Ugadi.

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This festival has special place among all festivals. On this day people will listen to Pachanga sravanam and eat Ugadi pachadi. This Ugadi pachadi is the combination of six different tastes which represents all shades in our life. The reason behind eating Ugadi pachadi is we have to experience all the tastes in our life. Life is not complete with only one emotion, even if it is happiness we can’t continue that taste till the end. So, every feeling has equal importance. We can experience the happiness only after facing sadness.

Ugadi is famous for Horoscope, everyone check their horoscope on this day. Many shows on Horoscope will telecast on this day. People show interest on knowing their bad times and good times of this year. In olden days people gather at one place with pandit to listen horoscope, but now it became easy with TV programs to know our horoscope.

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Forward this Ugadi SMS 2017 to all your friends and family and wish them to have a great day with this Happy Ugadi Wishes.

Ugadi SMS 2017

  • Wishing you a life full of utmost peace and joy. Happy Ugadi!
  • May this Ugadi bring you the new spirit, the new beginning and new prosperity. Wishing you a very happy Ugadi!
  • This Ugadi, May you be blessed with good fortune as long as Ganeshji’s trunk, Health and prosperity as big as his stomach, happiness as sweet as his laddoos and may your trouble be as small as his mouse. Happy Ugadi!
  •  May your hate for your enemies fade away, May the darkness around you become lighter, May this Ugadi bring joy, health and prosperity to you and your family.
  • Long live the tradition of Hindu culture and as the generations have passed by Hindu culture is getting stronger and stronger let’s keep it up. Best Wishes for Ugadi
  • Lets welcome Ugadi with gr8 hope, eagerness & anticipation. Let us look forward 2 a plentiful of joy, satisfaction, peace & prosperity
  • Velugula harathi…

  • Telugu vari kothavelugula kanthi.

     vachenamma Ugadi.

     Kotha samvachara vrudhi.

    Ugadi shubakankshalu.

  • Maduramaina Prathiksanam

    Nilsthundi Jeevitantam

    Raabothunna Kotta Samvataram

    Alanti Ksanalani Enno ivalani Korukuntu

     Ugadi Shubakankshalu

  • “U” thsavam

    “G” owravam

    “A” anandam

    “D” hanam

   “I” shwaryam

   “UGADI” Shrikara Nama Samvatsra Shubhakankshalu!

  •  You’ve been good throughout the year.

     Hence, as your friend, I wish you nothing but the best.

    May all of your wishes come true.

    Have a blessed Ugadi Festival!

  •  As I celebrate the festival from miles away,

      I think about all the good memories…

     The laughter, the chanting, the yummy goodies and being with you.

     Missing you this Ugadi. Love lots to you!

  • Let this Ugadi usher in a Good and Sweet Year, both materially and spiritually.
    Happy Ugadi
  • This Ugadi, may your enemies become friends, the darkness of negativity fade away from your life and you discover a new person within you. Happy New Year!
  • Welcome the New Year with complete anticipation, hope and eagerness.Look forward to a bountiful year of prosperity, satisfaction and peace.Have a very happy Ugadi!


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