SMS is one of the universal forms of communication today. It was used by billions of people throughout worldwide every year. It became like a daily routine for most of the people to chit chat with their friends.

Now Google has come out with an initiative step to upgrade SMS for users to provide more enhanced messaging experience. For this, Google is bringing RCS (Rich Communication Service), an update to the regular SMS standard to the Android phones.

What is RCS?

Rich Communication Service is a GSM Association program for the creation of inter-operator communication services based on IP Multimedia Subsystem. GSMA markets RCS under brand name “Joyn.

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For this initiative step, Google is joining hands with its partner ‘Sprint’ which is all set to roll out the RCS messaging service to its customers with Android smartphones from today. Once it is enabled, Rich Communication Service will offer Android users with enhanced experience of SMS or messaging, high-resolution photo sharing, better group chats, typing indicators and also read receipts.

All the Sprint Subscribers will have the standard SMS experience with the upgraded version of Google’s redesigned Messenger app on Android devices. This service will be provided for Android KitKat or higher and have set Messenger application inbuilt.

Those who with selected LG and Nexus smartphones will have an automatic upgrade of RCS through an app update while other Sprint Network Subscribers have to manually upgrade their device by downloading the Messenger app from Google Play Store.

Apart from this, now all the Google Pixel smartphones come with Messenger app which is pre-loaded. So if a customer using a supported device on Sprint network with inbuilt Messenger app, it will also have access to RCS.

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Google claims that at the beginning of next year all the Android devices on Sprint Network will come with Messenger pre-loaded as a default SMS and RCS messaging app. In addition to this Sprint users will able to share 100x larger images and videos, know if messages are delivered or read, can see typing indicators when someone is writing to you.


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