As announced earlier Search Engine Giant Google has shut down the Chrome Apps web Store on all platforms. The tech company has started sending emails to Chrome app developers about the shutdown.

Google has taken this decision since only 1 percent of users actively using Chrome packaged apps. With this move by Google, Users won’t be able to install chrome applications from now.

Users who installed the apps before can use them until the first quarter of 2018. Google also said that it would eliminate the complete functionality in the Q1 2018 probably after the launch of PWA.

What is PWA ?

PWA is the acronym of Progressive Web Apps. PWAs use the modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to the web or desktop users. In simplest form it can be stated as an web app with mobile app functionalities. The major difference between chrome web apps and PWAs are the Progressive web apps are cross-platform and cross-browser, while the Chrome apps are limited to Google’s browser.

Google is now looking forward to bring the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to the desktop. The PWA would proffer few native-app-like features such a full-screen interface, an “installable” app icon, push notifications, and offline capabilities. Google is trying to work on desktop and mobile simultaneously.

Chrome on Android already supports installing PWAs, even giving them their own icon in the app drawer.It will be interesting how Google gives that same treatment to Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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