Google announced an innovative cloud-based digital whiteboard back in October last year. Now, the company has officially unveiled the Google Jamboard at the Google Cloud Next event. This new digital whiteboard will be available for sale starting May this year. Google Jamboard price starts at $4,999 (Rs. 3,33,000 approx) with an additional annual management fee of $600 (Rs. 40,000 approx).

Essentially, Jamboard is a giant touchscreen canvas made focusing mainly on the companies. Google is aiming to replace the physical project wall/ chalkboard/ whiteboard with this Jamboard. The touchscreen canvas can recognize the difference when someone is touching it with a finger or writing on it with a stylus. Google Jamboard features a 55-inch ultra-high definition 4K screen and works best with G Suite.

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Jamboard also allows multi-user support from different devices. Employees can post their documents, ideas, and images on the Jamboard through the cloud, and can use a stylus, fingers, smartphones or smaller tablets. They can share information from anywhere with an online connection. All the work progress posted on Jamboard will be saved in Google Drive. Google Jamboard has an Apple and Android apps for seamless transfer of files.

The 55-inch 4K screen is adjusted on a rollers-attached stand which can be moved around the office. The company has released the device to a few companies in October earlier. After necessary revisions, the final version will be rolled out for sale in May. However, there is no information regarding the launch of the product in India. As of now, Google hasn’t given any hint about its idea of launching the product in India.


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