Google recently announced a new promotion plan to promote the Stadia cloud gaming platform. It is trying its best to make this platform more relevant and popular. Google is giving $100 Stadia Premium Edition bundle for free to YouTube Premium subscribers. This bundle includes a Stadia controller and a Google Chromecast device to stream games on your TV. In November 2019, Google launched Stadia, but this cloud gaming platforms didn’t gain much attraction back then and this is the latest attempt by Google to make the platform relevant again.

This offer is for US and UK only apparently.People who have a YouTube subscription in the US and UK are eligible for the $100 Stadia premium, Chromecast Ultra 4K and one month of Stadia Pro service for free. Some people got Stadia Pro service for three months. People who got their YouTube Premium subscription after 6 November are not eligible for this offer. subscribers who purchased it before 6th November are eligible for this offer and they have got a mail from Google to redeem the same.

Cloud gaming got a huge hype for itself. It was believed to be the future of gaming. Amazon and Google were fighting toe to toe to promote their cloud gaming platforms. After some time, Microsoft announced their gaming platform. Cloud gaming was believed to be a new style of gaming until Nvidia released their 3000 series of graphics cards. Nvidia blew up the hype of cloud gaming with their low price and high-performance graphics cards. After Nvidia, AMD released their Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards and later released Ryzen 5000 series of desktop processors.

Due to this sudden release of desktop PC parts, cloud gaming lost its hype and attention to traditional desktop gaming.

Right now, Google is trying its best to make cloud gaming popular again with free offers to some people. The path for cloud gaming is not so easy in the near future because very soon Intel will release their new processors.

Right now, in the gaming community, everyone is hyped with the latest updates in gaming hardware and the battle between brands to capture the budget segment. These new updates are offering better value for money experience than cloud gaming platforms. It is hard to predict what the future of gaming will be like.

Apart from all these possibilities, one thing is sure that some people are going to get happy with $100 Stadia Premium Edition bundle.


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