The video game industry is in a period of transition with Google launching a major video game platform: Stadia. This new video game platform is designed to deliver instant access to your favourite games on the screen right from TV, laptops and desktops to tablets and mobile phones. The games will be available in resolutions up to 4K and 60 frames per second. There will be HDR and surround sound.

The idea of this latest technology of cloud gaming existed since 2010 but is going to be operational now. Google’s Stadia is all set to reinvent the gaming industry by freeing the players from the limitations that traditional consoles and PCs pose.

It’s not just the players who will be benefitted by Stadia, but the developers as well. While the players will be able to access their games on any screen at all times, developers will have the privilege to access nearly unlimited resources to create new games. Stadia is a powerful hardware stack that has the power of Google’s data centre combined with server-class GPU, CPU, memory and storage. The evolvement of Stadia can match the imagination of game creators. 

Stadia will be launched in November in 14 countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, and most of Europe. Initially, only Stadia Pro will be made available to the gamers, which will come with one game with the subscription: Destiny 2.

There will also be a basic free version ‘Stadia Base’ where users will be able to buy games and play.

The market for video games is increasing. A data suggests that in 2018, video games generated a revenue of $118 billion. Out of this, more than half was from mobile games and the remaining half from the console and computer games. It is the rapid adoption and penetration of smartphones coupled with global investments in the online infrastructure that helped video games reach to masses and help earn that revenue. More than two billion players today play mobile games and this number is only increasing. With this new technology, Google aims at redefining the rules of the gaming world.


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