There was a big war going on between Apple and Epic Games. The reason for this war was Fortnite’s alternative payment system, which was independent of Apple’s policies related to in-app purchase. The lawsuit battle is still going on. This new independent payment system allowed Epic Games to bypass Apple’s app stores payment system, due to which Apple’s income though commissions from the in-app purchase was directly affected.

Due to the ban of Fortnite on the app store, players on Mac and iOS never received the Marvel update and other in-game content that came after the ban. Due to the ban, the battle pass system is not working; players are stuck with a game with nothing to bring them back to the game.

The battle pass system is what makes a mobile game interesting. There is a lot of grindable merchandise to collect in the battle pass and there is a new battle pass every month.  It’s boring to play without rewards. The players on Mac and iOS are just stuck with a game with no progression. V-Bucks are used to buy battle passes in Fortnite. Similarly, every game has its own in-game currency to purchase in-game merchandise. V-Bucksis not just in-game money you can get by playing for a few hours. It costs real money and it is not cheap.

Apart from Apple and Epic Games, the Fortnite players on iOS and Mac platforms are suffering the most. On Friday, Epic Games announced something useful for the players on the Mac and iOS platforms. Epic Games will allow the users to spend their V-Bucks on other platforms by crediting them into players’ accounts.

The new announcement from Epic Games was a major relief for the players across the world who were stuck with a game with no updates due to the lawsuit war between Apple and Epic Games.

On 7th November, a tweet came from the official Fortnite account informing about the V-Bucks grant. The tweet said due to the blockage of Fortnite updates on Mac and iOS devices, they are allowing V-Bucks grant to be spent on any other platform. The tweet said this grant will be completed by 9th of November.

The players were stuck from August without any updates and no information about when things are going to get normal. This announcement was a huge relief for the players who spent a lot of money on buying V-Bucks.


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