We often ask a lot of questions to ourselves before where to go and what to do. Now, Google provides a Question and Answers section in Google Maps and Search where all your questions will be answered. This option is currently available for Android users.

Now when you just need to search location On Google Maps or Search and then open business thing in Maps or Search. There you find Question & Answer section where you can ask the question, answer question or tap on the thumbs up icon to upvote the information. The Upvoted question and answers will appear on the top as the information is accessible to others.

How Google Search Q&As Work:

For example, if you want to search for a hotel or café in your area, all you need to do is search, and they will show up on the map with directions and some additional information. If you tap on the other info section, a new column with an overview, reviews, and photos will show up. Scroll down and type in your query in the Q&A tab.

To make sure Question and Answers contains accurate information, business owners can use this feature by posting Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) and answers to ensure accuracy and authenticity. The Business owners, as well as customers, will get notified depending on the queries posted by the users and answers received.

This feature enables us to take quick decisions no matter which place you are heading or what you are looking to do, Google Maps and Search gives the information needed.

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