Fake news is creating trend now, and many people across the globe are attracted to the false news on the internet. Now Google is bringing the tools to fight against fake news to its iconic product search. The search giant has announced the Google Fact Check label to some of the results in its search engine.

A few months ago, Google partnered with fact checkers to include the fact check tag to the news story in the Google News for limited users in the US and UK. Today, the company announced that the Google Fact Check would be available to all throughout the globe.

Along with Google, Facebook is also providing tools to check the fake news on its social media platform, and it was first launched in the US, France and other countries. Facebook also added tips which include the options like checking website address and other sources of an article or a particular topic.

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From now onwards people can know whether the article is completely correct or incorrect. This feature places the Fact Check tag on search results to know the story is true or false. Currently, Google is working with fact-checking organizations like Snopes and PolitiFact to enable the feature.

The Fact Check feature is the Google’s first step for preventing the information that is false. However, the company claimed that it wouldn’t affect the site ranking. The publishers and the news websites those who want to enable Fact Check tag they have to use the scheme.org ClaimReviewmarkup. People can visit the Google help center to know more details about the procedure.

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