Leon Nicholls, one of the Developer Programs Engineer, who is currently working at Google, has developed a program with the help of his Raspberry Pi. It is the small, low-cost computer; we can use it to develop small programs and execute with the help of it.

This engineer had developed a small program with the aid of his Raspberry Pi and made use of the latest Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit. It is a collection of tools that let the user’s program to turn into the voice service. Along with this Leon made the native speaker ask a query to the Amazon Echo intelligent speaker system.

Leon had triggered a question “Ask Alexa how to use Siri?” transmitting the electronic exchange

“Alexa, ask Google how to enable ‘Hey Siri,’ ” the device orders the next.


“Okay Google,” Amazon’s Alexa (Black Cylinder) replies

By using keywords that activate a Google Nexus 6P phone. “How do I enable ‘Hey Siri’?”

According to Apple Macworld, the device looks for the magical words “Hey Siri.”

Then the iPhone 6S took a moment to recognize the call and responded with the term “Yes?”

Siri got no more questions left, and the conversation between these giant voice assistants came to end.

In this manner, the question and answers were moved between the voice assistants. You can also give a try to develop this. Get the code from the GitHub along with the complete assistance.


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