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Amazon Echo smart speaker and Alexa assistant set for India launch

Amazon will soon roll out its popular devices Echo and Alexa voice in India. Besides launching its digital video in India, the online marketplace has invested in building up fulfillment capacity and logistics services. Amazon Echo is a smart speaker from Amazon’s stable while Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon.

These Amazon Echo devices and Alexa platform will build the AWS (Amazon Web Services) in India. Essentially, this Amazon Echo works with the control of voice commands. At first, Amazon Echo speakers will be distributed to selected business professionals and analysts in India for beta testing.

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Besides various applications, Alexa links to Amazon’s online marketplace. On the other hand, Amazon Echo allows users to book movie and flight tickets or even a cab.

Amazon officials said that this Amazon Web Services would be first launched only with the English interface. The company has plans to roll out the services in regional languages, including Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil. Amazon Chennai unit is assigned for developing a multilingual interface.

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With this move, Amazon is aiming to gain more market share with these two products. Amazon revealed the international business losses were increased by $724 million for the second quarter this year. The company accounts investments in India where it is aggressively pumping funds to gain market share.

Despite huge losses, Amazon still pays interest for investing in India. “We continue to invest in India. We are very hopeful with the progress we have made with sellers and customers alike in India, and we see great momentum and success there. So we continue to invest, and we have some of our best people in that business,” said, Brian T Olsavsky, Amazon’s Chief Financial officer.

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Amazon’s Alexa The Virtual Assistant Now Added With More Than 1000 Third Party Skills

Alexa is the Amazon’s popular Virtual Assistant; the Alexa became popular in the past six months. It now has more than 1000 skills than earlier.  Earlier Alexa was having only 100 skills when it was arrived now the third party skills are updated in the Alexa. The information regarding this update was mentioned by the Amazon on Friday.

With this skill, it will become the best cloud-based virtual assistant than earlier. Some of the features that included are Dominoes, Uber, Capital One, Fitbit, KAYAK, Smart Things, Haiku Home, Genady Okrain and Ken Westphalia.

The developers community is working hard for increasing the user experience. For example, if you want to order a pizza you can just say “Order the Pizza”, If you want to get a taxi all you have to say is “Call an Uber” with these easy and convenient process Amazon is looking forward to increasing the performance and user experience with the Alexa.

Leon Nicholls Made Amazon’s Alexa, Google Now and Apple Siri voice services talk too each other 

“Less than a year ago we released the Alexa Skills Kit, making it possible for any developer to create voice experiences for Alexa,” said Rob Pulciani, Director of Amazon Alexa

Amazon has included the update in the recent press release. Developers can also download and develop the skills that can work on that Alexa enabled devices. Amazon smart home API included with the Alexa Skill kit.

The capabilities of the Alexa has increased over time as it is gaining the popularity. This week that Alexa could end up becoming the fourth pillar of Amazon’s business, adding to Amazon Prime, its cloud business AWS, and its retail marketplace, said by the Amazon CEO and founder Jeff.


Jeff Bezos also said that more than 1,000 people were working on Alexa’s technology. But soon Amazon has to face the fierce competition from Google. Google will debut their Alexa and echo competitor which is Google Home in the month of May. Apple is also looking forward and working on the similar technology which works within the streaming devices like Apple TV, etc.

Leon Nicholls Made Amazon’s Alexa, Google Now and Apple Siri voice services talk too each other :)

Leon Nicholls, one of the Developer Programs Engineer, who is currently working at Google, has developed a program with the help of his Raspberry Pi. It is the small, low-cost computer; we can use it to develop small programs and execute with the help of it.

This engineer had developed a small program with the aid of his Raspberry Pi and made use of the latest Amazon’s Alexa Skills Kit. It is a collection of tools that let the user’s program to turn into the voice service. Along with this Leon made the native speaker ask a query to the Amazon Echo intelligent speaker system.

Leon had triggered a question “Ask Alexa how to use Siri?” transmitting the electronic exchange

“Alexa, ask Google how to enable ‘Hey Siri,’ ” the device orders the next.


“Okay Google,” Amazon’s Alexa (Black Cylinder) replies

By using keywords that activate a Google Nexus 6P phone. “How do I enable ‘Hey Siri’?”

According to Apple Macworld, the device looks for the magical words “Hey Siri.”

Then the iPhone 6S took a moment to recognize the call and responded with the term “Yes?”

Siri got no more questions left, and the conversation between these giant voice assistants came to end.

In this manner, the question and answers were moved between the voice assistants. You can also give a try to develop this. Get the code from the GitHub along with the complete assistance.

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