Pretty Please is a relatively new feature of Google’s digital assistant, which is aimed towards helping families bring up well-mannered children. Thanks to this feature, children have to speak even to the digital assistant politely using the magic words if they wish to get a response. This feature can be set up for a set of voices, mainly aimed at children. You can set up your voice as well for this feature but it is not mandatory.

This was the expectation when Google launched the Pretty Please feature for its Google Assistant towards the end of November. It turns out that it gets activated for anyone who uses the words Please or Thank You and there is no way to switch off the option.

Google Assistant responds to you politely as well and as an adult you are looking for a conversation at a different level with it. Earlier, it demanded a certain amount of respect and now it is down to a continuous stream of very polite conversation.

It would be great if this action could be reversed or could come up with an option for disabling it, which does not currently exist. It is a very good option for children, but the glitch will need to be fixed as adults would probably be uncomfortable to continue in the same tone throughout. They should have the option of being curt if they have to, though not rude.


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