Facebook-owned WhatsApp is currently the world’s most popular chat app. It has 1.5 billion regular users spread all across the globe. These include people using Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and even KaiOS-based feature phones. The reasons behind this immense popularity of WhatsApp is its simple interface, which is easy to learn and adapt, loads of value-added features and the regularity at which the platform keeps rolling out new and innovative features to enhance the user experience.  

The latest update that was released brought on features that include ‘private reply’ in a group chat along with options of adding stickers while editing video or image and 3D Touch feature to preview the message in chats list.

To use the private reply feature in group chats in iPhones, the user, on seeing the notification on the WhatsApp group, needs to tap on that particular message. Instantly, a ‘private reply’ option will pop up on the screen and the user can then send message to the concerned person. The message thus sent will not be visible on group chat to the other members of the group. This feature will enable users to discuss things one on one in the group chats too.

The 3D Touch feature that has come with the latest update allows the user to get the status and the preview of the message. For this, the user just needs to long press on the desired chat message.

The next update on cards is to make WhatsApp more secure than ever. It is still in the “alpha stage” of development. Once this feature comes, the user will be able to lock a chat conversation using biometric features. Right now, WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted, which means only those in conversation through a particular chat have access to the content. But, this feature fails to provide protection if someone has access to your smartphone. This new feature will remove this problem and add another level of privacy and security to the chat messages. It is expected to come with WhatsApp’s 2.19.10 iOS update.


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