Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani affronted Pakistan for evoking Islamabad to focus on terrorism instead of providing financial assistance. Ghani claims the Cross-border terrorism is the primary concern and asks for aid to fight terrorism. In the recent sixth Heart of Asia summit held in Amritsar.

Ghani expressed his disregarding to Pakistan in the midst of the existing tensions between Islamabad and New Delhi. The Afghan leader thanks Pakistan for their pledges of assisting $500m for reconstructing Afghanistan. He also hopes to make use of funds to fight terrorists and extremists in Pakistan. He also alleged that even huge amount of money couldn’t assist them when there is a support to terrorists from Pakistan.

Representatives from 14 nations including Pakistan took part in the Heart of Asia summit. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Sartaj Aziz participated in the conference on behalf of Islamabad.

“Afghanistan suffered the highest number of casualties last year. This is unacceptable; some still provide sanctuary for terrorists. As a Taliban figure said recently if they had no sanctuary in Pakistan, they wouldn’t last a month. I don’t want a blame game, and I want clarifications,” said Ghani.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses Terror as the theme of the host. PM also said that demonstrating a strong collective will to defeat terror attacks spread fear to terrorists and those who fund them.

A joint news conference with Hekmat Karzai, Afghanistan Deputy Foreign Minister, and Arun Jaitley Finance Minister said that terrorism was at the very core of the deliberations and that the tone had been set by Ghani and Modi earlier in the day.

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