Heart of Asia Summit 2016 begins today in Amritsar. Above all 14 countries are participating in the event. It provides a platform for sincere and result-oriented Local Corporation by placing Afghanistan at a center. In recognition of the fact a secure and stable, Afghanistan is essential for the prosperity of the Heart of Asia region.

In 2011 they started the event in Istanbul, Turkey. From that year onwards they are conducting this Heart of Asia Summit. In this year they are conducting this ministerial conference at Amritsar, Punjab in India.

Already all senior officials have reached the destination and started the meeting. On December 4th ministerial conference, as well as many events, will organize. The main agenda of this summit is the threat of terrorism, extremism.

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About 40 countries are acting as supporting countries. Istanbul process is deliberating in various challenges facing Afghanistan, including the revival of a peace process in the conflict-ridden country.

All senior officials of all 14 countries like China, India, Russia, Iran and Pakistan and more 17 representative countries were deliberating on a vast range of issues facing the region in dealing with the threat of terrorism, radicalization, and extremism.

They will also discuss improving Afghanistan connectivity with south and central Asian countries to boost trade. This senior officials’ meeting is co-organized by India’s Foreign Secretary S.Jayshankar and Afghanistan Deputy Foreign Minister Hikmat Khaleel Karzai.

They will also discuss the issues between India and Pakistan. In the wake of the audacious terror attack on Nagrota army base and there was no clarity on an Indo-Pak bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the conclave.

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Already India gave clarity that they won’t accept the cross-border terrorism as the “new normal” in bilateral ties with Pakistan while making it clear and talks cannot take place in an atmosphere of continued terror.

Both India and Afghanistan had called terror emanating from Pakistan as the “greatest threat” to regional peace and stability, and both the countries are set to press hard for adopting the counter-terror framework at Sunday’s deliberations.

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