Facebook is planning to launch a new feature for businesses to stay on top of conversations across Facebook Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. This new Facebook pages manager app enables the businesses to link up with Facebook to get notified about how customers are interacting with the different apps.

Businesses will now have one inbox which acts as a primary communication hub between the three different services. Businesses can see whenever someone posts reviews, comments, or feedback through any of the three services.

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Companies can also respond through this universal inbox rather than logging into each service. However, companies are still able to respond to Instagram comments directly via the Instagram app.

Businesses can now respond to all of those comments through Facebook’s Pages Manager app. A unified stream of all that commentary is included in the inbox of the app.

In addition to this, businesses are now able to avoid public to see available profiles of their customers who comment or message.

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“Facebook pages manager is one of our most frequent requests. Previously, if a business’s wanted to respond to customers on Facebook and Instagram, they had to open separate apps an increasing challenge as more and more of their communication is happening on social media. There were some people even carrying multiple phones so that they can quickly respond to all the different things coming in,” says, Benji Shomair, Facebook’s global head of Pages.

Facebook is testing this feature with selected users and is planning to roll out more broadly in the next few weeks. It seems this Facebook pages manager will be more relevant to small and medium businesses. However, large companies rely on their own applications for managing their social media presence.


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