Facebook has unveiled group payments feature which allows users to pay either individual members or everyone in the group. This Facebook group payments feature has gone live in the US on Tuesday in Android and Desktop platforms. There is no info about the app launching on iOS platform.

Users can request payments from the group right in chat by entering the amount they want to request from each person. However, the total amount to be divided among the group members evenly. They can also mention a note describing what money is for.

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“Simply tap on the plus sign in the bottom left-hand corner of a group conversation to find more features, and tap the payments icon ($). Then, choose who to send or request money from. You can choose everyone in the group or only a few members. Enter the amount you want to request per person or the total sum to divide evenly, either including yourself in the calculation or not.

Finally, you can specify what the money is for - maybe a pizza party, teacher gift or more. Once you’re ready, tap Request.” Facebook explains about how to use the feature.

Group Payments in Messenger

Posted by Messenger on Monday, April 10, 2023

A message will appear in the group conversation showing who has paid to make it super simple to track everything. You can also view the Request Details in full-screen at any time. Facebook group payments do not require users to remember their debit card information - which the company says is stored securely.

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Earlier, Facebook had introduced person-to-person payments in Messenger in early 2015. Now, this group payments also hints the launch of Facebook digital payments business in India.

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