The award-winning video game publisher, Bethesda has come with the latest news on the Doom game update.  The first update in this post-launch game is arriving on June 30th. The release will be available for Xbox One, PS 4 and Stream. This update contains the several features which include the “Photo Mode” which helps in capturing the screenshots. The new weapon placement option is as the view option, where you can center your armors or the weapons and classic dead-center weapon similar to the original game.

A lot of improvements, optimizations and fixes for the most commonly reported errors/bugs. Check out the complete details of everything which is available in the update. See the release notes for the Doom game new update.

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New Release Features and Optimizations:

The game is added with the classic Doom weapon placement and views all the modes from the options. The photo mode is added in this new campaign; the weapon balance is updated up to June 10, 2016. The User Interface customization is implemented in all possible segments. The Original Author info is added to the map in the info page. The users can Enable/Disable to Shootable Trigger.

You can auto-rollback to the previous version for corrupted maps and improved the sorting algorithms for the most widely searched maps.

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Several issues most commonly occur in the single player and the multi-player are resolved for the PC, PS4 and the Xbox One platforms.

Wait for one more day to receive the update and then get hands dirt with Doom.


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