Cyber security is a growing concern with latest technology implementations. Data Privacy Day is an international event dedicated to increase awareness regarding privacy issues. This year, the privacy day coordinated in the United States by StaySafeOnline organisation a project of National Cyber Security Alliance. Currently, it observed in the United States, Canada, India and other 47 European countries.

Data Privacy Day, dedicated to increasing awareness and to promote privacy and data protection methods. The National Cyber Security Alliance comes with a motto of “Stop. Think. Content.” Cybercrime is a growing problem in the United States and as per the reports 47% of the adult’s personal information hacked in the year 2014.

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In 2014, many major companies experienced significant data breaches, and that done as a target. Many organisations suggested the people be aware of what’s they are sharing even about the others also. Data Privacy Day was first initiated by the Council of Europe in the year 2007 on 28th January. Many organisations promote events and activities to stimulate the development of technology tools.

Most importantly one should never reveal the private information about you or others. To avoid the cyber-crimes, experts suggest people check the Online Safety Tips. Privacy and Online Security need to follow by everyone.

By using complicated or strong passwords, biometrics such as facial recognition, fingerprint and multifactor authentication can protect your personal and financial data. The Multifactor authentication option is now available on Facebook, Google and many other services which require extra security when logging through new device.

If you are log into your account from a computer or a phone which you never used, you will receive a text notification to your phone. It’s just like ATM card One-time password process. Most of all the financial institutions ask you to use another form of authentication when you are logging in with the new device.

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There are many ways to minimize online tracking, includes opening the browser in an incognito mode which stops Google and other services to track your information. Anyone with Google account can visit to check their privacy and online security settings.


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