People must be aware of selfies. Keeping a peace sign and taking selfies might push you at risk. Researchers warned the fingerprint theft from peace sign.

The researchers at Japan National Institute of Informatics said flashing the peace sign in photos lead to fingerprint data being stolen.

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Fingerprint technology is widely available to verify the identities such as when logging in Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops, and computers.

The reports said mobile devices with high-quality cameras and social media sites where photographs can be quickly posted is raising the risk of personal information being leaked, reports said.

The photographs which is taken three meters away with the digital camera have the possibility to copy the fingerprints.

Fingerprint data can be recreated if fingerprints are in focus with strong lighting in a picture. Isao Echizen the researchers at instate said advanced technology is not needed to copy the fingerprints.

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NII said it had developed a transparent film containing titanium oxide that can be attached to fingers to hide their prints.

Jason Chaikin, the president of biometric verification company, said it is not easy to copy the fingerprints. It is very complicated, and it is the multi-step process with molds and models need to create the actual thumbprint since they are digitally lifted. He also said ultimately it is not really that much easy.


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