Chinese tech giants Baidu and Ainemo unveils ‘Little Fish’ or ‘Xiaoyu Zaijia’ at the event CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show). It is a tiny robot designed for assistance and home support. Baidu Little Fish manufactured by Ainemo and it powered by Baidu’s conversational DuerOS.

Xiaoyu Zaijia, a family robot designed as voice-controlled like Amazon Echo and Google Home. The company going to launch Little Fish later this year, and there is no other information related to the global release.

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Baidu Chief Scientist Andrew Ng said, “I think 2017 will be the year of conversational computing. We see a clear path of conversational computers changing everything.”

Unlike other faceless Amazon Echo and Google Home, the Baidu Little Fish also features a touchscreen on its top of the orb-shaped base. The camera sported on the top tracks the faces and equipped with a display to provide users with information.

Baidu Little Fish robot supports voice commands and can be ordered to perform all kind of tasks through inbuilt Digital Assistant. Among other things, it plays music, sets the alarm, provides an update on traffic and news as per instructed.

The Xiaoyu Zaijia also capable of operating other Internet of Things devices. It equipped with Camera and a microphone which allows to make and receive video calls. The most prominent feature that embedded in this device is its display which seems larger than other modern desktop assistants.

It runs on DuerOS operating system that can switch channels by voice command or figure out names of actors on screen when asked. Hence Baidu Little Fish will able to do anything includes ordering movie tickets, calling cab, restaurant reservation and cleaning services.

“If this takes off, I am not worried about how we will make money. Probably it transform how you use devices in your home. There are plenty of business models,” Ng said when asked about revenue plans.

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The robot responds to ‘Xiaoyu Xiaoyu’ as the wake word and turns its head to whoever is talking. According to the reports, Little Fish is second generation device will release in China and the price yet to be disclosed.


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