Now the rumours are about the Apple’s future model Apple iPhone 7, which are flooding on the internet about the ‘Space Black’ colour of the iPhone 7.

Apple is rumoured to launch the iPhone 7 in the new colour this year. Apple has come up with the new model, Rose Gold iPhone and they are going to get the two colour variants this year. According to the reports, there is no official confirmation regarding these variants.

Designers are working on these rumours and creating the rendering 3D models of the Blue or Space Black iPhone 7. The designer named Martin Hajek is one of the best artists, and he is crafting the images of the unreleased Apple devices based on the latest rumours on the future Apple iPhone 7 Space Black.

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From these rumoured designs, the home button is shown as flat and synchronized to the panel. The rumours point that it is expected to come with the Force Touch technology where Apple has worked into their MacBook trackpads and the Apple watch.

In this model, they believe that Apple may also work on the haptic feedback into the mimic a button press. So when you know when the firm press has been registered. The home button has the touch ID, and it is completely featured with the new technology.

There might be the absence of 3.5 mm headphone jack in this model. The new earphones are beautifully designed which is similar to the current earphones. These earphones are coming in the dreamy black colour instead of the regular white colour. These are connected to the lightning port of the Apple device.

The backside of this iPhone 7 is more with the matte finished stealth black completely and the black filter material for the antenna gaps. The antenna gaps have grown thicker, and they look a bit more restrained, and the Apple logo part is black colour.

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There is also new visible bigger camera segment which is another reason to upgrade to the iPhone 7. The designers are showing a keen interest in this model when compared with the current iPhones.


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