The latest firmware update for AirPods Pro was released on December 16th. The firmware was upgraded from 2B588 to 2C54. The update reportedly affected the noise cancellation negatively. Following the reports, the update was put on hold. Hence, not all users of AirPods would have experienced the impact. So, while some are complaining of reduced noise cancellation, those without the update are not able to relate to it.

Prompted by revaluation requests from the users, the AirPods were put through a test where the ones with the old firmware were compared with the ones with the latest update. The results of the revaluation confirmed that there was, indeed, significant difference in the noise cancellation. This is what the reviewers have to say:

After updating to Firmware 2C45, we retested the headphones and our results showed a fairly significant drop in isolation performance, primarily in the bass-range. This means that with ANC turned on, these headphones won’t do nearly as good a job blocking out the low engine rumbles of planes or buses as they did before this update. This review reflects these changes.” (Note: It is Firmware 2C54, erroneously mentioned by the reviewers as 2C45)

There are some positive aspects to the latest firmware update 2C54 as well. During the testing, it was revealed that there were areas of improvement when it came to sound quality. The frequency response and the bass accuracy show distinctly better performance.

Apple took quick action and put the updates of the firmware on hold. To know whether your firmware has been updated or not, you can visit the settings on your phone and look under General AboutAirPods Pro. If you have received the update and can feel the difference, you will probably need to wait for the revised update.

The team at Apple must surely be working on rectifying the issue and soon you will be able to get the expected level of noise cancellations. Those who have not received the update yet can wait for the future update to enjoy the experience of listening to improved, high quality sound.

Apple has done away with the earphone jacks. This has prompted many of their users to switch to using the AirPods. The unexpected reduction in quality has not really affected the users much as they are confident that the team at Apple will be able to rectify the error soon.


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