A yoga instructor at the age of 97. Unbelievable. Right? Tao-Porchon Lynch is the woman who claims this amazing feat. Tao, who has undergone 3 hip replacement surgeries, has proved to the world that age is never an obstructing factor for achieving your dreams.

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Nearing almost 100 years of age, Tao is known to be an inspirational yoga instructor. Tao, who started practicing yoga at the age of 8, is still highly passionate about the art even after 90 years. She teaches beginner and advanced yoga classes in Scarsdale, New York. Tao was recently seen on “American’s Got Talent”.

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Tao, who was brought up by her uncle and aunt in Pondicherry, India, attributes her strong will towards her passion for learning more and more of the art. She says that she keeps her “fire of life” burning with the help of her positive attitude.


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