The much-anticipated results of this year’s Miss USA competition were out on Sunday. Deshauna Barber of US Army is crowned as the Miss USA for the year 2016. The 26-year-old Deshauna is an Army officer from Washington Dc won the competition held at the T-Mobile Arena off the Las Vegas Strip. For the first time in 14 years, Miss District of Columbia won Miss USA pageant on Sunday.

She addressed to the questions by the media with bold answers. When asked about the women in combat. She said “As a lady in the United States Army, I think … we are just as tough as men. As a commander of my unit, I’m powerful; I am dedicated.” She added that she lived in a country where Gender can’t limit us from achieving something.

Barber completed her graduation from Virginia State University in 2011 and then joined the US military at the age of 17.

All of her family had been serving in the US Army, and her father was deployed overseas to Iraq. At the pre-show interview, she said that “I consider it to be a family tradition. It’s something that runs through our veins — patriotism and service for this country.”

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Barber will go on to participate in the Miss Universe contest as she was crowned with Miss USA title.

Chelsea Hardin, who is Miss Hawaii, was the runner-up, didn’t perform well during the Q&A segment when asked about whom would she vote for in the upcoming presidential elections whether for Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican’s Donald Trump.

Miss Hawaii didn’t expecting the query and was in a dilemma, but quickly responded that gender didn’t matter when deciding the next commander in chief and said that the new president should push for what’s right for the country.

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The other questions asked in the segment were about the right to vote, income inequality and the recent death of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.


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