Hackers Attack Central Bank Websites of Indonesia and South Korea

The central bank public websites of Indonesia and South Korea are reportedly hit by the cyber-attacks and distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) disturbances linked to activist hacking group Anonymous pledged to target the global banking industry. It was disclosed that Central banks have been on high alert as cyber-terrorists issued deceitful money transfers to sneak $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank in the month of February.

In response to the hacks in the month, Bank Indonesia (BI) officials said that no money was lost. Deputy Governor Ronald Waas in an interview on Monday said that the bank have blocked 149 regions that don’t typically access its websites. The restricted regions include several small African countries. He also said that several central banks were hit by similar attacks and were sharing the IP addresses used by the hackers.

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“There is regional cooperation between central banks. Those who have gotten hit are sharing their experiences,” Ronald told the news service. According to The Hill officials said, the bank detected 273 viruses and 67,000 spam messages to its email server and website in just a few hours on Monday. Officials of Bank of Korea told Reuters that there was at least one DDoS attack on the bank’s website in the month of May. And there was no harm done.

Anonymous, an associated international network of activists and hackers originated in 2003 attached the central banks of both Greece and Cyprus and warned it through a YouTube video that it would launch a 30-day strike targeting “ the global banking cartel.” And the attack was dubbed as “Op Icarus.”  In the Month of May Operation Icarus hit nearly 70-banking institutions round the globe.

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DDoS is its preferred method of attack by the hackers which disables websites by flooding them with internet requests, overwhelming the servers temporarily. Occasionally the hackers succeed in obtaining access to the data. But seldom in such attacks have they penetrated more critical systems.

“Olympus will fall,” a computerized voiceover said in a video taking credit for the attack on the Greek central bank. “Like Icarus, the powers that be have flown to close to the sun, and the time has come to set the wings of their empire ablaze.”

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“The arms industries, banking and other financial institutions, government intelligence agencies and countless others …  seeks the preservation and the perpetuation of the powers that be,” a person wearing the group’s trademark Guy Fawkes mask said in a computerized voice.

“This octopus operates through the tentacles of the [International Monetary Fund], the Federal Reserve and the World Bank, masterminded by think tanks such as the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations,” the person continues.


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