Oculus CEO's twitter account Hacked

Attention..!!! Are you using the same password for all your social networking accounts? Are you not using latest security features like two-factor authentication and you don’t have an idea about how many months back you have changed your twitter password? If you are following the above things, then you may become a target for hackers.

The month of June can be aptly called as the month of hackers. Since famous people’s social media accounts have been hacked by hackers in this month. The list occupies the famous people like Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai and now another well-known personality added to this list. He is Brendan Iribe, CEO of the Oculus VR, who has suffered the same.

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Unfortunately, Mr Brendan Iribe is using an old password for his Twitter account without having authentication for his account. By ignoring simple security measures the Oculus CEO became the prey of cyber hackers.

According to the reports the hack had happened on late Wednesday night, and suddenly Iribe’s bio changed to “hey its @Lid… im not testing ya security im just havin a laugh.”

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The attacker tweeted

“Imagine creating the coolest s**t to ever be introduced to gaming and technology but using the same pass for 4 years lol… silly mr CEO,” read one tweet.

oculus ceo account hacked

The hacker also tweeted “If Brendan wants his twitter back i want a free oculus rift so I watch porn the cool way,”

The attacker said that he/she found Iribe’s old passwords which were listed in the big dump of MySpace username and password combinations which was hacked last month.

cyber hackers

He also claimed that he could have also hacked oculus CEO’s email account if he had not protected that with two-factor authentication.

Although Twitter has restored the account back to normal and Iribe had updated his old password with a strong one and officially Oculus didn’t respond to the incident.


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