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Pokemon go apk latest version android free download

How to download Pokémon Go on Android Smartphone

Niantic’s latest AR mobile game Pokemon Go creating ripples in the world of internet.Pokémon Go for Android and IOS game currently limited to few countries.Gamers who want to try, can download direct APK which is available here

Pokémon Go, a popular augmented reality mobile game is now available for Android users. The AR game was released in the month of July 2016 in selected regions.

“Pokémon Go” Will Now Allow You To Trade, Battle And Catch Pokemon In Real Life

Android and iOS users in United States, Australia and New Zealand can download the location-based game from the Google Play Store at free of cost. The game would be made soon available for other countries.

Pokémon Go is developed by American Software developer company Niantic, Inc in association with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company

The Key person behind the Pokémon Go game is John Hanke of CEO of Niantic Labs. He is also the creator of the INGRESS, an augmented-reality massive multiplayer game.

Pokémon Go AR game is all about bringing the Pokémon characters into the real world. The game progresses with locating, catching, doing battles and trading Pokémon. The game works on location-based algorithms and mainly uses the camera, sensors of your Smartphone.

Pokemon go download:

The game makes use of the Player’s smartphone GPS and clock to identify you in the game and makes Pokémon appear on your phone screen, and you can catch them by throwing a ball. Totally the game would be featuring with more than 150 Pokémon creatures to look and catch to progress to the next level.

Pokemon Go rolls out for iOS and Android only in selected regions

A special accessory called ‘GO PLUS’ was designed by the developers, that resembles a band that alerts users whenever a Pokémon is around you. The game wearable would be costing you around $35.

The beauty of the game is playing it on mobile along with the interaction of real world. Players will progress into the next level after collecting some special items. The game was designed in a way that it will make players walk around at least for 2kms on average. This point makes the game unique from traditional mobile games that require only minimum physical movement and also maintain gamers to be physically fit.

Pokémon Go craze had reached peaks in the countries which it has been released so far. About 5.16% of Android devices in the US had installed this Android Augmented Reality game which shows how people are crazy about it. Due to this Nintendo shares increased by 20% within a week of its release.

Download Latest version of Pokémon Go:

The Pokémon Go game had got an update from 0.29.0 to 0.29.1.The bug which claims to be capturing user credentials from the Google account has been fixed in the new update.

The craze for the game had hiked enormously that people are gathering to play the game, and the gathering places are called Poke spots, Poke stops. An incident in Sydney had happened that involved about 300 Pokémon Go players gathered at an apartment and created a mess by playing the game from midnight 11’o clock to 6’o clock the next morning.

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Due to the loud noise and shouting’s of the gamers the residents who lacked a full night sleep lodged a complaint against them. Police have to intervene and made them vacate that spot.

The AR game allows you to travel around your surroundings, landmarks and other locations in your city. You will face a challenge to catch the Pokémon creatures and train, battle them at gyms.

pokemon go critics view:

As every coin has two phases this game is no exception being so entertained and also good for health (Physical movement) Pokémon Go also has some limitations.

Many Accidents had occurred to people who are playing without taking notice of their surroundings. In spite of warnings made by the developers, people are not taking care of what’s moving around their locale and getting in trouble in the form of accidents.

Pokemon Go will be available in July along with wrist wearable called Go Plus

The geo-location feature of the game was cleverly used by the armed robbers attract players to an isolated location and robbed them at gunpoint. As per the cops, a total of 11 Pokémon Go gamers had been robbed by four convicts who were identified and arrested.

To download the Pokémon game on your Android device Just Go to your Google Play store, Search for Pokémon Go and install it. You will be receiving an error message if the game isn’t available in your country.

Another way to download the game is to download the APK file of Pokémon Go from different non-Google websites on the Internet and save it to your smartphone via USB or storing it in SD card.

Before installing users have to open their Smartphone Settings ->Security -> enable the installation of apps from unknown sources button. Now tap on Pokémon GO in your downloads, Install and enjoy the game.

NOTE: The downloading of APK from other websites is not advisable. It may contain some virus or something malicious that may enable hackers to hack user’s data by taking control of their smartphones.

‘Avatar’ Multiplayer Game Now On Your Mobile

An Interactive Entertainment Company, Kabam now collaborates with the Lightstrom Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Film to construct “A massively multiplayer mobile strategy game” based on the James Cameron’s Sci-fi movie Avatar.

The new mobile strategic game is debuted before the Avatar sequel 2 which is presently set to release for 2018. The mobile game will combine the characters and environment from the film with the innovative game features and design.

Kent Wakeford, COO at Kabam explains that, “the idea beyond the game is to extend the big screen and create an experience that will be true to what James Cameron did in making the most technologically advanced film of its time.”

4 Avatar sequels confirmed by James Cameron

Wakeford also announced that Kabam plans to update the game continuously with the release of the Avatar sequels scheduled to be release in December 2018, 2020, 2022 and 2023.

Jon Landau, Avatar producer and COO of Lightstorm Entertainment in a statement said, “Kabam has an excellent reputation for building compelling mobile games that explore detailed worlds, which makes them an ideal partner for our franchise.”

“I think science fiction can be a great metaphor for the world in which we live,” added Jon Landau. “As people play this game, I want them to have choices, just like they have in life. The choices you make in a game create different experiences for you — some for the better, some for the worse. It’s about engaging people in this world but never losing sight of the ethos of ‘Avatar.'”

Doom’s New Update to Launch on June 30th

World popular mobile games like Star-Wars, Marvel, Hobbit, Avengers, Fast & Furious are the games released earlier by Kabam. The average cost of the Kabam’s previous titles was $14 million and it was explained by Wakeford, that the budget of the new Avatar mobile game is estimated to more than the older games.

Looking back to the first Avatar film, it was released in the year 2009 and it still holds the record as the highest-grossing film in the world which collected over $2.8 billion. According to NBCNewYork news, Walt Disney World is set to open an “Avatar”-themed land in 2017, while Dark Horse Comics is working on an “Avatar” series.


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