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Wikileaks Reveals Medical Files of Hundreds of People Including Rape Victims

Wikileaks is accused of exposing personal data of hundreds of citizens which include rape victims, mentally ill and sick children. According to an analysis published by Associated Press, it is found that WikiLeaks released medical score reports of innocent people. As usual, it also published other sensitive information exploited by criminals which include phone numbers and identity records.

Committed to the exposing of government secrets, Wikileaks releases diplomatic cables and other classified information. The organisation faces some criticism for handling personal data after its emails, which have been published was sent to Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Turkey’s ruling AKP party back in July.

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It is reported that Wikileaks collection of documents comprises of virus and spam along with the sensitive collection of the people. The information was first published earlier year by the foreign ministry of Saudi Arabia. This includes medical files of 124 people which include mentally ill patients, refugees and children.  More than 500 passports, employment files and academic records were uncovered by transparency activist Paul Dietrich, after conducting a partial scan of the Saudi cables.

In two different cases, the organisation also named teenage rape victims. It also published the name of a Saudi citizen who had been arrested for being gay which is a punishable offence under Saudi law. Other files have also been posted on Saudi marriages, divorces, personal debt histories, and custody battles contained information on people who married women with sexually transmitted diseases and other sensitive data.

WikiLeaks releases more than 1200 archived emails of Hillary Clinton

 “We have a harm minimization policy. There are legitimate secrets. Your records with your doctor, that’s a legitimate secret.” Said, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange back in 2010. AP is not taking an initiative to identify the leak affected people, though it contacted 23 citizens who were in Saudi Arabia. Where some were unknown or not bothered about the exposure, while other were mortified. “This is a disaster, What if my brothers, neighbours, people I know or even don’t know have seen it? What is the use of publishing my story?” says, a Saudi woman to AP.

Julian Assange Claims Google’s Involvement in Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

Wiki Leaks founder and chief editor Julian Assange claimed that Tech giant Google is working very closely with Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton to promote her presidential campaign.

He participated in an event called ‘New Era of Journalism: Farewell to Mainstream international media’ forum in Moscow through online. He stated these words via video from the Ecuador embassy in London.

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Assange said that “Google is directly engaged with Hillary Clinton’s campaign” and claimed the technology giant used the US State Department on an “a quid pro quo” basis.

He also briefed that “Of course when she is in power… she is a problem for freedom of speech. We know what she is going to do. And she made the chart for the destruction of Libya; she was involved in the process of taking the Libyan armoury and sending it to Syria.”

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Assange described Hillary Clinton as a war hawk with powers of legal interventionism that always wants to start wars and is a grave threat to the world’s peace.

He also claimed that Google is heavily collaborated with political power both at the personal level and at the professional level. Assange examples Eric Schmidt; Former Google CEO is leading the Pentagon innovation board.

According to the last year reports, the researchers had found that “Google search rankings could potentially decide the outcome of an election”.

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“Through five experiments in two countries, the rankings in search results can shift the opinions of the neutral voters by 20% or more, sometimes may even reach  80% in some demographic groups.

He says that Google can change its algorithm to show more positive search results for a candidate who might influence the searcher to form a more positive opinion of him/ her.

During the video conference, Assange expressed that about 80% of the US National Security Agency (NSA) was privatised.

He said that “The NSA is the core of the US deep state… There has been a smoothing out between the government and the corporations.”Assange has been residing at the Ecuadorian embassy in London for more than three years.

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