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This text message can freeze iMessage app on your iPhone

There are plenty of malicious text messages which can able crash the user’s smartphone, and in some cases, even the device can get hacked. If we compare the Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems, Apple has widely believed that it is most secured, but now it hasn’t been vulnerability proof. As per the sources, there is the new malicious text message doing rounds. This message is capable of crashing your iPhone and even it can disable your iMessage.

This message is mainly targeting the devices which are running iOS 9 up to version 10.2.1 betas. This new text message comes with a very large attachment which instantly locks the iMessage app and which itself makes unresponsive when the user taps to open. The attachment comes with the malicious code, which is the main reason for it.

When the user tries to long press the home button to open the multi-task switcher for closing the iMessage app, the phone shows the white screen when you try to relaunch that messaging application. After a while the app gets crashes, and you will be redirected to the home screen.

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As per the sources, the iMessage app is unable to know the large attachments which are sent to it, and ultimately it becomes unresponsive. The message is being circulated over the iCloud Drive. The users can’t seem to fix the issue by hard rebooting the device of turning it On and Off.

How to Fix ?

To fix this problem, there is a simple work. If your device is affected by this spam, browse the URL, vincedes3.com/save.html on your safari browser. The website will initiate the automated process wherein the script will launch the native iMessage application instantly, and it will redirect you to the new message screen.

“Yay! Do you think we just saved your iPhone bro?” Soon after this process, iMessage app will work in the normal mode as earlier.

Facebook Messenger launches Group Video Chat support for Android and iOS

For the first time, Apple’s secure iOS is targeted and disturbed by cyber criminals. Earlier in the last month, there was a 3-second video from VK.com which is believed to be shortened link for a malicious website. This will make your iPhone slow, inactive and ultimately freeze it. However, the get back your phone into the normal state, it can be done only after the hard reset.

Just in case, if you receive the malicious text or other links, ignore them and do not click on it, even you don’t share them with anyone. Check out the video demo regarding this malicious text can screw your device.

Facebook Messenger to get “secret conversations” encryption tool later this summer

After WhatsApp, its Facebook’s turn to add encryption option available to its Messenger Application. The increase of people’s concern about the security of their messages made the social networking platform to include the privacy option.

The latest feature would be available in the messenger app after an update which would be released soon. This option allows users to encrypt their messages in the Facebook Messenger.

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The end-to-end encryption testing had started today with a limited number of testers. The so-called “secret conversations” would make messages visible only to the sender and receiver, and no one else can access them. Even the government agencies and Facebook cannot scoop into those chats. This feature also disables Messenger’s chatbot and other payment services too.

Facebook is thinking of launching this new feature for several months and finally took a decision today. By this step, they clearly make a statement that their user’s privacy is most important than any other things.

As of now, the new Secret conversation option will only be available to messenger applications on iOS and Android.Users using Facebook chat, Messenger.com, or the desktop Messenger can’t access this feature. Facebook Inc may avail this option to all others shortly.

Facebook to Revamp Messenger with New Look and Features

The new mode in Facebook Messenger has the option to secure messages even when the device is stolen or lost. The latest option of setting an expiry date for a message would make it invisible forever. On reaching the expiry date messages would be self-destructed and vanishes permanently.

David Marcus, Vice president of messaging products, Facebook said that “We wanted to make Messenger your primary messaging platform, and while we currently were already using a lot of security to ensure that your messages are safe and confidential, we felt that we needed to go one more extra step with this new mode,”.

“The combination of end-to-end encryption and a message countdown clock will actually empower people to have any conversation they want to on Messenger,” he concluded.

The protocol used by the “Secret Conversations “is created by non-profit Open Whisper Systems. It works on a ‘lock’ system to which only sender/receiver of the conversation or group chat will have the distinct ‘key’ to access.

Apple Rolls Out 4 New Emoji Packs For iOS 10 Beta Users

We have good news for Emoji lovers that Apple rolls out 4 new animated Emoji sticker packs for iOS 10 beta users. Just like stickers on Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, Apple’s latest update will also allow third-party developers to add special emojis and emoji predictions, bubble effects which help you to express better and handwriting recognition to its iMessage app via an API.

Cupertino giant company has released these new animated sticker packs for those testing the beta version of the operating system. The new sticker packs namely- Classic Mac, Smileys (three-dimensional), hearts and Hands are available for download from App store.

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“The ability to download your own third-party sticker packs for the Messages app is a one-up for Apple’s iMessage platform and gives iPhone and iPad users a new dimension of communication with one another. Also worth noting is these stickers can also be used on the upcoming macOS Sierra operating system for Macs,” noted in the iDownloadBlog.

The old school Mac stickers- Classic Mac stickers were actually designed in 80’s by Susan Kare include a bomb, smiley faced computer, paint brush, a watch etc. This pack is already installed in the iOS 10. So, you need not reinstall it, if you have not uninstalled. While the Hearts, Smileys and Hands has been seen earlier on the Apple watch.

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These emoji’s once downloaded, can be accessed through an Apple’s redesigned Messages app. They can be also added to the text messages with one tap. Well, these 4 new emoji packs are from Apple setting example for the developers, as it has announced 3rd party integration at its WWDC last month. So, after the launch of iOS 10 this fall, you can check-out and download third-party sticker packs.

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