Do you know Facebook buys data when you are in offline? If you share posts, like posts, your latest updates, tags a photo in your profile, Facebook locks it. Facebook knows everything about your online doings, and you are pretty much aware of it.

Now, the latest media investigation has revealed that the social media giant busy data on your offline activities without your knowledge. The data that social media giant collects can include things like how much money you make, in which stores you are shopping, and also get how many credit cards you are using, according to the investigation by ProPublica.

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However, the latest issue is that the popular social media giant gives users a small hint that it buys far more sensitive data from them than what the social media platform declare it knows. Facebook uses algorithms to classify its users in thousands of micro-targetable groups for advertisers.

Media investigation agency ProPublica said, “Facebook’s site says it catches information about its users from several sources”. What the page doesn’t say is that those sources include specific folders obtained from viable data brokers about users’ offline lives. Nor does Facebook show users any of the often remarkably detailed information it gets from those brokers.

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Jeffrey Chester, Exclusive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, said, “They are not honest.” Facebook is bundling a dozen different data companies to target an individual customer, and a specific should have access to that package as well, said Chester.


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