To make your searching more efficient and accessible, Google introduces Video preview to the searches made in Chrome and Google app with muted sound. The search engine giant now displays Google video preview whenever you search anything. Currently, this feature was rolled out for Android users and hoping to see Google video previews feature on other platforms as well.

At first, this feature will be in the English language in the United States. However, Google will expand video previews globally and in all languages in coming future.Google video preview feature on Android helps users with video prompts in search results.

Google introduces Question & Answers (Q&As) section in Google Maps and Search

These Google Video previews will provide an idea of what you are looking at without even opening it. These videos not only help the users in finding relevant content but also have an added benefit of fighting click-bait. Some YouTube creators often put misleading titles for their content to fool the user to click on it. Thereby the creator can get revenue from this.


These video previews from Google won’t consume any extra data and the feature works only when you are connected to Wi-Fi. However, users will be provided with an option to turn it off inside the Google app. Though the rollout is starting today, the feature will be available to larger audiences from next week.

Google Allo web version finally goes live, Compatible only with Android Phones as of now

Google is planning to live stream the event for the launch of its new operating system Android O (8.0) on total solar eclipse, i.e., on August 21st. Google introduced Android 8.0 at Google I/O conference in May this year. At present, the OS is in beta testing and in June released the fourth version of the preview.

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