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Google Allo has Finally Ran its Course! It is Time to Bid Adieu!

Who doesn’t know about Google Allo a popular messaging application which was introduced by Google two years back will finally be shut down by March 2019. Following a blog released by Google on the future of Allo, Duo, and Android messages, things have been clear that the developers are focusing more on the latter two. Google has many things to say about the Duo and Android messages where on the other hand a statement for Allo which has scheduled the shutdown of Allo on March.

Till date Allo, the smart messaging application has allowed their users to send texts, emojis, stickers, and doodles to their friends and family. The instant messaging feature has put Google Allo in the list of top smart messaging applications of the year. There is a special feature installed in the app that allows the Google assistant to help you with chatting by auto predicting what you are about to write.Since its inception, Google Allo has a plenty of dedicated users who have been using it to chat with their friends.

Although the name “Google” appears before Allo, it has been facing many bug issues since the beginning which are being reported by the users worldwide. The developers of Allo have tried their best to fix the bug and additionally integrate many features that instant messaging applications have brought to the market. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned and now the tech giant is planning to stop its services. They are currently investing all of their resources in developing their RCS (Rich Service Communication) which would be a perfect successor to the SMS (Short Messaging Service) on their Android-based smartphone devices.

Surprisingly, Google has stopped promoting and discussing the latest features and updates on their website long ago. The only statement that highlighted  Allo in their blog was that “The Allo will continue working through March until then the user can export their existing conversation history from the application.” This statement has sent a clear message to the users of Google Allo that their favourite smart messaging application will become obsolete in March 2019. Hopefully, they will be able to include the favourite features from Allo to the Duo and Android messaging service that they are working on.If you have been a regular Allo user, let us know how was your experience with Google Allo so far in the comments down below!

Google Allo’s New Chatbot Lucky Suggests GIF Images Besides Google Assistant

Recently Google is making updates to its messaging app Google Allo. Now they have introduced a new feature with the name Lucky. This chatbot will help you to find the related GIF images based on your keywords.

This chatbot will provide you cute emoji’s in GIF images. For example, If you typed ‘I love you’ it will give you suggestions of some heart images. It works similarly to Giphy support from slack.

For this lucky feature, the latest version of allo is required. If you want to update then go to the google play store or alternatively, you can also update from third party websites like apkmirror ( which is not advisable )

WhatsApp iOS Update Allows You Send Messages Even Without Internet

Recently Google allo app gets updated with allo themes, chrome custom tabs, self-generated sticker packs, star war themed stickers and more. With this allo messenger app, express yourself more with GIF images, stickers, doodles and emojis.

Here you can respond to the messages without typing a single word. It suggests responses in text and photos in your style. You also have the option to ink the photos with doodles or emojis.

Credits: 9to5google

It is very uncomfortable to type all letters in caps and smalls. So with one swipe, you can choose letters should be in caps or smalls.

Google Allo 2.0 update released with split-screen, quick reply, GIF keyboard and more features

You can also meet Google assistant in your allo. It will help you to find nearest restaurants, banks, you can ask in chat, and it will give you response. Up to now 10,000,000-50,000,000 installations are done. This messaging app will support Android versions 4.1 and more.

So users who want to experience this feature grab it from Google play store now.

Google Allo 2.0 update released with split-screen, quick reply, GIF keyboard and more features

Google has introduced the smart messaging app Google Allo for both Android and iOS in the last month. According to the sources, this app could not gain the popularity as Google expected. Now Google has released the latest update Google Allo 2.0.

To reach the company’s unfulfilled goal of attracting users, the company has reportedly released this update for Google Allo. Google Play store did not update the change log yet, but the Google Nexus’s Twitter account has posted the announcement regarding this update.

As you all knew this smart communication app from Google will let you say more and more in the chats. You can express yourself with the stickers, doodles, text and smileys/ Emojis.

In this update, Allo gets the support of split-screen mode to the devices running with the OS Android 7.0 Nougat. With this feature, the user can chat in one window and in parallel he can use another app on the same screen.

Google Allo will be Available in Hindi by the end of 2016

Another feature in this update is, the user can directly reply from the notification screen instead of heading into the Allo application. This feature will be live for the first time in the Android 7.0 Nougat. Apart from this, the app is updated with the Monochrome theme. This theme can be enabled from the Settings in the app.

Similar to other social messaging apps, Allo now introduced the launcher shortcut for the new conversation. It includes the Android Wear support and GIF keyboard support.  Other features in this app include the Incognito key alerts and a splash screen.

Expected features in Google Allo 2.0 update.

  • Direct Voice Recognition in Assistant
  • App shortcut for Android 7.1+
  • Monochrome chat in settings
  • GIFs in keyboard for Android 7.1+
  • Incognito key alerts
  • Quick Reply support
  • Multi-tasking option
  • Direct share option
  • Split-screen support

Soon this latest Google Allo 2.0 update will be rolling out for all the users. Google Allo has been downloaded more than 10 million times and over 5 million installs. The users who have yet downloaded the app can download from Google Play Store and Apple App store.

Google Allo, the Tough Rival of Whatsapp Launched : Check out the Features

Soon we can expect the support for Hindi Assistant by the year end.

Duo is Replacing Hangouts from its List of Preinstalled Apps

Are you confused about what’s replacing Hangouts? Well, it is Google Duo. Allo may be the future of Google Messaging efforts, but it is Duo which replaces Hangouts as one of the pre-installed apps on the future Android phones.

In an email sent out to Google Mobile Service Partners on 5th October, the company explained that Hangouts is moving to optional status in the Google Apps package for Android beginning from 1st December. As per the message details, Google is dropping out Hangouts, and that may bundle for upcoming mobiles.

Google Duo is the Most Popular App in Google Play

“Today, we are announcing that Google Duo will replace Hangouts within the suite of core GMS apps, and Hangouts will become GMS Optional for telephony products. This change will take effect on December 1, 2016”.

It looks like Google is focusing towards other solutions. Allo and Hangouts are the core messaging apps while Duo used for video calling. It should be noted that Hangouts is not completely dead, but it is unbundled from mandatory Google apps package.

If you want to continue this application on your Android phone, you need to head to the PlayStore and download. Hangouts will be an optional pre-installed app. And this means users can ship it with their devices, but most probably, won’t.

Google Duo to Roll Out Audio-Only Calls Supports Soon

While the Duo application comes as a preinstalled app on every single Android device released after 1st December.

It is expected that at some point of time. Allo will also get similar treatment since the company faces stiff competition from the rival messaging apps like Facebook Messanger and Whatsapp. Therefore, Allo not a part of pre-installed apps list.

Google Allo will be Available in Hindi by the end of 2016

Google is going to announce the upcoming feature that is mostly welcomed by the Indian users. Before this, the Google Assistant has launched its Google Allo English-speaking app in India recently.

Today, they announced the details of second language Hindi which they are going to launch by the end of 2016. This means users will be able to converse the Google’s new Al-based Assistant in Hindi.

 Google Assistant is the new Al-based Assistant that was launched earlier this year. Instead of asking pre-programmed questions, now users can able to make a proper conversation with the assistant. If you ask Google a query and then follow up with more questions, the Assistant will automatically read the conversion and reply the correct answer.

Google Allo, the Tough Rival of Whatsapp Launched : Check out the Features

The announcement came after the Google added support for Hinglish (which is a mixture of English and Hindi) for Google Assistant in the Allo messaging app which was launched last week in India. With the upcoming feature, now users can chat with the Al in Hindi as well soon after it released.

“A preview of the Google Assistant will be launched in Hindi by the end of 2016 inside the brand new Allo messaging app. The Google Assistant lets users have a conversation with Google, which can help them get things done,” said by Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager for Allo.

According to the reports, Google’s other new communication effort the video calling with Google Duo App has also got an amazing response from India. Google focused more on going local which helps to increase the number of users.

Microsoft is Working on Messaging app called Skype Teams

Google Allo messaging app is not different than Whatsapp, and moreover, Whatsapp has already supported the Hindi language. But one differentiating point that gives Google Allo an edge over the Whatsapp is that the Al client option that is built right into the app.

Google also estimates that the usage of internet in India has increased more since the years and out of them most will prefer local language. India is the fastest growing internet market in the world.

“Through Allo and its support for Hindi, Google is looking to offer better and more relevant Google experiences for Indians,” the company further said in a statement.