Mustakeem Ahmad, a cook at a West Delhi restaurant, shoots his colleague Inayat who allegedly introduced him to smoking and marijuana that caused him throat cancer.

A 25-year-old Mustakeem, cook by profession work at a restaurant in West Delhi was addicted to smoking. He blamed his addiction to smoking on his colleague, Inayat from Myanmar. Inayat was soon rushed to the hospital but died.

The accused, Mustakeem was taken in to the custody of Delhi police and been under investigation. Ahmad told his interrogators that he developed hate towards his colleague so much that he brought a pistol and practiced firing to not to miss his target.

Ahmad and Inayat are colleagues in the workplace and are also friends. Due to his dedication and better performance, Inayat became everyone’s favourite with in short period. The insecurity complex in Ahmad increased and addicted to smoking cigarettes and marijuana under the influence of Inayat.

He developed throat infection in the course of time and meanwhile, on consulting doctor Ahmad was diagnosed throat cancer. This added fuel to the fire which developed enmity in Ahmad against Inayat. Ahmad performance at the restaurant became poor day by day, and he was fired.

Ahmad returned to his native village in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh and purchased a pistol to kill Inayat. After few days he returned to Delhi to ask his brother-in-law who is also the owner of the restaurant to expel Inayat but the owner refused to do so. Then Ahmad started arguing with Inayat, and in middle of the argument, Ahmad shot him and fled from the murder spot.

A police team soon launched a technical surveillance on Ahmad. Later, an informer told police on Friday that Ahmad was set to visit a relative in Uttam Nagar to take some money before fleeing the city. Then police team laid a trap and caught him after a chase.

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