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Breakup day Quotes SMS Messages Shayari

Breakup day quotes

The hardest thing in this world is to break up. The word itself is very heavy which breaks our heart. The couple who are facing problems in their relationship can use this breakup day to say goodbye. Here we are giving Breakup day quotes. Many Breakup day SMS and messages are given to send to your girlfriend or boyfriend on this day. On Feb 21st we are celebrating breakup day.

Break up is more painful than death. In my view, it is the worst word in the dictionary. This single word changes our life completely. Up to before break up we spend our days happily with our loved one, we shared everything, we laughed together we cried together but suddenly after break up, everything will change. We don’t have our loved ones in our life anymore. That breaks our heart, at that time death is seems to be the better solution than living.

Happy Break up quotes

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My advice is to think 100 times before break up but don’t think one time also after break up. If you have any problem with your partner tell them once, sit and talk to solve the problem. Love doesn’t die easily, and it will remain in your heart until your last breath. In case if you break up with loved ones also you can’t forget them easily. You may find another partner but you can’t find the warmness of love. So think deeply before breaking.

Breakup day SMS

To send to your partner we have given Breakup day quotes. This Breakup day messages can be sent on facebook messenger, WhatsApp. We wish this Happy Breakup quotes to make you happy. Painful Breakup day messages are given. But think once before sending because your partner will cry like he/she is dying. If it is a mutual breakup, then it is well and good.

Breakup day quotes & SMS 

My silence or smile is just another word for my pain.

Every time I start trusting someone, they show me why I shouldn’t.

The most painful goodbyes are those who were never said and never explained.

 Sometimes It’s better to be alone…No one can hurt you.

Breakup day messages

Message to all guys: If you’re going to lie about why you’re breaking up with a girl AT LEAST come up with a GOOD LIE!

Love is like a weapon, it can be the only thing that is keeping you alive in this world, or it can be the thing that will kill you later

 Once you learn to be happy alone, you won’t tolerate anyone who can’t make you just as happy.

Never allow loneliness to drive you back into the arms of some1 you know you don’t belong with.

Once you got cheated in the relationship, there’s NO reason stay. If they truly loved you they would’ve never cheated!

Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. I was hurt before I tried, then I was hurt more.

Break up Shayari

Aakhri baar tere pyaar ko sajda kar lu
Lout ke phir teri mehfil me nhi aaunga
Apni barbaad mohabbat ka janaza lekar
Teri duniya se bahut dur chala jaunga.

Breakup are not always
Meant to make up,
Sometimes they happen to
Give you a chance to wake up..!

Kuchh dino mein sadiyo ka sath tha
Chand palo ka pyara ehsaas tha
Ab hum bhul jayenge tujhe bina dard ke
Samjhenge tu tuta hua mera koi adhura khwaab tha

Love marriages are never success
Cuz they never had a pain
Marriages are made in heaven
That’s true! Cuz I had failed.

Flirting Day Quotes, SMS, Images, Messages, Shayari in English and Hindi

Flirting Day Quotes

The Valentine’s Day has over and the fever of Valentine’s week has also gone. After a cute and romantic Valentine week, the Anti-Valentine’s week starts. The week begins with slap day and ends with break-up day. Flirting Day is celebrated on 18th February after the Perfume Day. People who want to share Flirting Day Quotes and best collection of Flirting Day Images can check this site.

Those who celebrated romantic days of Valentine’s week must celebrate Flirting Day. It is the day which is a part of Anti-Valentine’s week where people who are heart-broken and are planning to end their relationship. Instead of searching for Happy Flirting Day SMS on Google, people can get the best Flirting Day Shayari in English and Hindi on this page.

Anti Valentine’s week 2017: Days Dates

Most of the boys enjoy flirting than the girls. Flirting Day is a very enjoyable event where both singles and couples celebrate with full spirit. People exchange funny Happy Flirting Day Messages and also the Flirting Day Greetings. You can take a glance at the best Flirting Day Quotes which you can share on Facebook and Whatsapp.

Flirting Day Images

This is the day of happiness where everyone should have to forget the anger and this day with friends, i.e., on 18th February. Most of the singles who can’t enjoy the Valentine’s Day are waiting for the Flirting Day to tease their friends by sending funny Flirting Day Quotes. We have furnished some cool stuff of Flirting Day Greetings and Flirting Day Shayari.

The day seems to be made only for the singles for those who want to be mingled. They can flirt with people, but importantly that should be good flirting which doesn’t cross the limits otherwise, it will become eve-teasing which is a crime. Get the best Happy Flirting Day Messages and Flirting Day Quotes and share with your loved ones and friends just for fun.

Happy Flirting Day SMS

  • You were astounding last night. Imagine what it would a resemble it wasn’t recently in my fantasies.. Happy Flirting Day
  • Hum kabhiaapsekhafa ho nahinsakte, Yehdilkerishtebewafaa ho nahinsakteAapbhale hi humebhulake so jao, Aapkoyaadkiyebina hum so nahinsakte.
  • Give me some SunShine..!!!
    Give me some Rain..!!                                                                                               Give me another Girlfriend..!!
    I am Single once again..!! Happy Flirting Day

Flirting Day Shayari

  • Trust you like this articles stay associate with us for more updates. Don’t neglect to impart this post to your loved ones on person to person communication destinations…
  • Chand keliyesitaareanekhai, LekinsitaaronkeliyechandekhaiAapkeliye to hazaaronhonge, Lekinhumareliye to sirfaap hi ekhai.
  • Girl= I don’t care for the way u continue gazing at me… Boy= and I like the way u see me doing that. Happy Flirting Day 2017

Perfume Day Images, SMS, Quotes, Greetings, Shayari in English and Hindi

Perfume Day images

The most romantic days of the year have just gone. Many people engaged in the celebrations of Valentine’s Day on 14th February. The day celebrated with a lot of love and romance. But the couples who got drenched into the toxicity of love are still drooling in the excitement hangover. To make that hangover even more romantic, love couples celebrate #PerfumeDay on 17th February. For all those, we have furnished the best Perfume Day images to share with your partner.

On Perfume Day couples exchange various fragrance gifts, shares Perfume Day Greetings and also sends Perfume Day SMS. People engage in celebrations and enjoy the mingling amongst the romantic aroma. Download the best Happy Perfume Day 2017 Wallpapers and send it to your loved ones and make them surprise that you care them most. Along with wishes make a Perfume Day Shayari on your girlfriend or boyfriend.

After Valentine’s week, the days of Anti-Valentine’s week started, i.e., from 15th February. Perfume Day is celebrated on February 17 every year after the Slap Day and Kick Day. The day also resembles to save your relationship from bad odour. Most of all shares Happy Perfume Day wishes and also sends funny Perfume Day images. People buy perfumes and gift them to their beloved ones, and you can even share romantic Perfume Day Quotes. There are hundreds of aromas and fragrances available in the market.

 Perfume Day SMS

A good perfume improves your personality so purchase the best perfume for your girlfriend or boyfriend on this day which matches with his/her personality. Despite searching for 17th February Perfume Day images for Facebook and Whatsapp and Perfume Day Shayari, you can get them from this site. We have collected the best Perfume Day Quotes in English and Hindi.

  • Everybody can love roses and it is also true that
    no one loves forks and leaves. But we must love those
    who makes our life beautiful and full of happiness
    inspite of loving those who are beautiful just from outside.
    Happy Perfume day
  • Meri KhushbuTumheinKhoLegiGulabo Ki Tarah Tum Agar Khud Se Na Bolo Ge To YaadAaongaSardRaatoKeMahkte Huey Sanato Mein Jab Kisi PhoolKoChumoge To YaadAaongaHAppy Perfume Day

Happy Perfume Day 2017 Wallpapers

  • With all the Rose’s Perfume
    and with all the lights in the world
    and with all the children smiles…
    I wish U that all your dreams come True…
    Happy Perfume day.
  • With all the Rose’s Perfume
    & with all the lights in the world
    & with all the children Smiles…
    I Wish U that your all dreams comes True..
    HAPPY Perfume Day.

Perfume Day Greetings

  • The company of good people is like
    the shop of perfume, even if u buy or not
    U’ll still get lot of good fragrance.
    Happy Perfume day.
  • Teri ZulfNahi Jo Khul Kar BikharJayuGa Main MautAayegi To Ek Din EkPhul Se Mar JayuGa Main Gam-E-Zindgi Mein KhuchKadamSathChal Kar To DekhPhool Ban Kar Teri Raho Me BikharJayuga Main HAppy Perfume Day
  • oday is perfume day and I am sending
    Aromatic flowers for you in this SMS
    to make your day really a wonderful day.
    Happy perfume day dear.

Perfume Day Shayari

  • As u make promises to enter into a new bond on the special day
    I wish u everlasting happiness surrounded by inner love.
    Happy Perfume day.
  • Phoolon Se KhushbooKhushboo Mein Tum ZindagiHaiSaanson Mein Saanson Mein Ho Tum HAppy Perfume Day
  • There is NO wine if grapes r not pressed
    NO perfume if flowers r not crushed
    If u feel any pressure in life,
    it means God is bringing the Best out of you.
    Happy Perfume day.

Anti Valentine’s week 2017: Days Dates

Anti Valentine’s week 2017

Have you heard about Anti Valentine’s week?? After completing the love week, this anti valentine will begin. This week is for the people who got irritated by the Valentines week. This week especially dedicated for singles. Once check out the days in Anti Valentine’s week 2017. Here we have given complete Anti Valentine’s Day week list.

Anti valentines week is created by people for fun. Exactly 7 days before Valentine’s Day, valentine week will start. In this week we celebrate various days like the rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy bear day, promise day, kiss day, hug day, valentine’s day. On Feb 14th we will say goodbye to this love week. The whole week is filled with love and romance.

Happy Slap Day Images, Funny SMS, Quotes, Shayari in Hindi

In our world, we have the majority of singles who are crying on this valentine’s week. So they created this anti valentine’s week for singles who are worrying about not having the partner. Here check out the list of Anti Valentine’s week 2017. Check out this Anti Valentine’s day schedule here

  • Feb 15- slap day
  • Feb 16- kick day
  • Feb 17- perfume day
  • Feb 18- flirting day
  • Feb 19- confession day
  • Feb 20- missing day
  • Feb 21- break up day

Slap day

This slap day is the first day of anti-Valentine’s Day. This day does not mean to slap others. It is supposed to slap your nasty and dirty relationships which is breaking your heart

slap day

Kick day

 It is the second day in the week. This is also same as slap day. This day meant to say, be strong in your relationship. Get rid of all unwanted relationships

Kick day

Perfume day

 Perfume means good fragrance. It will help you to stay better in your relationship. It is intended to spread your love like a good perfume

Perfume day

Flirting day

 This flirting is for singles who don’t believe in love. On this day singles and love failures can search for another option in their life

Flirting day

Confession day

 Confess our love to another person is very important. In every one life, we have a love story. On this day people can confess their love to loved ones

Confession day

Missing day

 This day is for one side lovers and love failures. We can’t forget our love very easily, every day we will die by missing them. So this day is dedicated to such true lovers

Missing day

Break up day

 Most of us have complicated relationships. We are losing ourselves by loving them. So such people can do breakup on this day

Break up day

Here check out Valentine’s Day week dates complete list here. If you are a single or love failure, then you can also participate in this Anti Valentine’s week 2017

Happy Slap Day Images, Funny SMS, Quotes, Shayari in Hindi

Slap Day Images

People engaged in celebrating Valentine’s Day with their loved ones by surprising them with gifts and even planning for romantic dinner dates. If you proposed someone during valentine’s week and you didn’t have a reply for them so don’t be careless. You must hide on 15th February because you may get the reply in the form of a slap by him or her on Slap Day. Don’t go in search of Slap Day Images you can download the Happy Slap Day Images from this page.

Seriously apart from joking, Slap Day doesn’t stand for violent and slap actually. It refers to that you slap the relationship with that person who broke your heart. Slap all the feelings and emotions which are attached to that person who hurts you every day. Share some Funny Slap Day SMS and the Hilarious Slap Day Quotes to your friends to make them happy.

Slap Day Quotes

It is the first day in the Anti-Valentines week which starts from 15th February. After celebrating the Saint Valentine Day, it’s now time to celebrate anti-valentine days. The week began with Slap day followed by Kick day, Perfume day, Confession day, Flirting day, Missing day and lastly Break-up day. This week specially dedicated to all the heartbroken people who depressed and sad through celebrating love and togetherness. If you have a friend who is celebrating Anti-Valentines week, then share Funny Slap Day SMS and Slap Day Shayari to cheer them up.

Funny Slap Day SMS

If you are searching to Download Slap Day Images and you can even share in the social media to create fun apart from sad. This day is not only meant for sad and depressed feeling it’s time to share the fun with 15th February best Slap Day SMS for him or her. The anti-valentine week starts from the next day of Valentine’s Day after the romance and love are over. Despite searching in Google for Slap Day Images and Slap Day SMS, we have furnished on this page.

Slap Day SMS

The idea of Slap Day is to slap the unnecessary ties or a relationship that you have been in. Sometimes we came across the wrong person in life, to overcome that feeling people celebrate the day by sharing funny Slap Day Shayari in Hindi and English which followed by remaining Anti-Valentine Days. Moreover, spread the happiness to the persons whom you want to make happy by sending them Slap Day Images.

  • I love you smile, Your face and your eyes, Damn i m good at telling lies! SLAP…Happy Slap Day!
  • Look at yourself in the mirror
    And slap yourself hard.
    And you will realize the pain you had given me throughout.
    Happy Slap day!

Slap Day Shayari

  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet and so are you. The Roses are wilting, the violets dead, the sugar bowls empty and so is your head. Happy Slap day
  • The Force Applied While Proposing A Girl; By A Boy Is Equal & Opposite; To The Force Applied By The Girl While slapping! Happy Slap Day!
  • Jab AapHamsey Ruth Jaaogey Jab AapHumseyKhafaa Ho Jaaogey Jab AapHumeinBhoolJaaogey Tab GaalPehEshaThapadMarugi Ki Sab YaadAaJaayeGaa. Happy Slap Day!

Anti-Valentines week

  • The best excuse after slapping someone – just say ‘I didn’t slap him, I high-fived his face’! Happy Slap Day!
  • This the best excuse for if you slap someone in the face, just say i didn’t slap him, I high five his face… Happy Slap day