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People engaged in celebrating Valentine’s Day with their loved ones by surprising them with gifts and even planning for romantic dinner dates. If you proposed someone during valentine’s week and you didn’t have a reply for them so don’t be careless. You must hide on 15th February because you may get the reply in the form of a slap by him or her on Slap Day. Don’t go in search of Slap Day Images you can download the Happy Slap Day Images from this page.

Seriously apart from joking, Slap Day doesn’t stand for violent and slap actually. It refers to that you slap the relationship with that person who broke your heart. Slap all the feelings and emotions which are attached to that person who hurts you every day. Share some Funny Slap Day SMS and the Hilarious Slap Day Quotes to your friends to make them happy.

Slap Day Quotes

It is the first day in the Anti-Valentines week which starts from 15th February. After celebrating the Saint Valentine Day, it’s now time to celebrate anti-valentine days. The week began with Slap day followed by Kick day, Perfume day, Confession day, Flirting day, Missing day and lastly Break-up day. This week specially dedicated to all the heartbroken people who depressed and sad through celebrating love and togetherness. If you have a friend who is celebrating Anti-Valentines week, then share Funny Slap Day SMS and Slap Day Shayari to cheer them up.

Funny Slap Day SMS

If you are searching to Download Slap Day Images and you can even share in the social media to create fun apart from sad. This day is not only meant for sad and depressed feeling it’s time to share the fun with 15th February best Slap Day SMS for him or her. The anti-valentine week starts from the next day of Valentine’s Day after the romance and love are over. Despite searching in Google for Slap Day Images and Slap Day SMS, we have furnished on this page.

Slap Day SMS

The idea of Slap Day is to slap the unnecessary ties or a relationship that you have been in. Sometimes we came across the wrong person in life, to overcome that feeling people celebrate the day by sharing funny Slap Day Shayari in Hindi and English which followed by remaining Anti-Valentine Days. Moreover, spread the happiness to the persons whom you want to make happy by sending them Slap Day Images.

  • I love you smile, Your face and your eyes, Damn i m good at telling lies! SLAP…Happy Slap Day!
  • Look at yourself in the mirror
    And slap yourself hard.
    And you will realize the pain you had given me throughout.
    Happy Slap day!

Slap Day Shayari

  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet and so are you. The Roses are wilting, the violets dead, the sugar bowls empty and so is your head. Happy Slap day
  • The Force Applied While Proposing A Girl; By A Boy Is Equal & Opposite; To The Force Applied By The Girl While slapping! Happy Slap Day!
  • Jab AapHamsey Ruth Jaaogey Jab AapHumseyKhafaa Ho Jaaogey Jab AapHumeinBhoolJaaogey Tab GaalPehEshaThapadMarugi Ki Sab YaadAaJaayeGaa. Happy Slap Day!

Anti-Valentines week

  • The best excuse after slapping someone – just say ‘I didn’t slap him, I high-fived his face’! Happy Slap Day!
  • This the best excuse for if you slap someone in the face, just say i didn’t slap him, I high five his face… Happy Slap day


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