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India is Expected to have 730 million Web Users by 2020 says NASSCOM Report

With Internet penetration getting deeper into the rural areas, India is expected to have more than double to 730 million web users by 2020 said a NASSCOM report.

IT apex body Nasscom and content delivery network service Akamai Technologies released a report on Wednesday “The Future of the Internet in India.”

“By 2020 the internet is expected to penetrate deeper in the hinterlands of the country, helping create more opportunities for everyone,” said R. Chandrashekhar, president, Nasscom.

The reports said that India would continue to remain fastest growing internet market with 75% of new users will consume data in local languages.

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India is next only to China regarding internet user base. India’s Internet consumption has already exceeded the US to become number two globally.

This growth in Internet user base will be led by e-commerce, travel hospitality, financial technology and media sector.

“By 2020, India will have an estimated 702 million smartphones in use and mobile phones will emerge as the preferred device for shopping, accounting for 70 per cent of total online shopping,” the report said.

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The overall e-commerce market in India valued at $17 billion in 2015-16, and this is expected to reach $ 34 billion with 175 million individuals transacting online. Said the report.

More than 50% of the travel-related transactions will be made online by 2020. The reports also said that the financial technology market of the country would be increasing by 17% by 2020.

“The go-to-market strategy for gaining new users will have to be different as these customers will consume more audio and video content than text,” said Achyuta Ghosh, Nasscom Head Research.

South Korea : The Fastest Internet in the World

It seems that no country can defeat South Korea as it boasts an average of fastest Internet connection speed in the world. In a recent quarter annual report delivered by Akamai said that South Korea, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Sweden and Norway boasts an average Internet speed of 18.7, 19.9, 20.6, and 21.6 respectively.

Highest average peak connection at 146.9 Mbps (Singapore) and Lowest common connection at 25.5 Mbps (India). The first quarter of 2016, it is found that two Southeast Asian nations achieved Top place to adopt IPv6: Malaysia and Japan contribute 13% and 8.6% of the total IPv6 adoption respectively.

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South Korea always has a consistent growth in Worldwide. Here in the below figure, you can see Top 10 Average connection speed IPv4 in Q1 2016 and Top Average peak connection speed IPv4.

South Korea is maintaining its position as the fastest average connection speed of 29 Mbps. And Singapore also recorded as the top highest average peak connection speed at 146.9 Mbps. South Korea stood at the world’s top position in Internet connectivity about 92.4%, or 45 million people use the Internet. Thus, there is a substantial growth in digital space in South Korea.

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In 2015, South Korea Internet speed was recorded as 26.7 Mbps and its peak Internet connection speed is reported as 95.3 Mbps according to the report State of the Internet published by Akamai Technologies.

South Korea also faces criticism from the executive chairman of Google; Eric made a negative remark on South Korean internet environment for falling “a little bit behind” due to government regulations during a conference with Korea Communications Commission Choi See-Joong.

The United States never make the top 10 categories concerning as fastest Internet connection and US ranked in no. 16 with an average Internet connection speed of 15.3 Mbps, a 7.7% rise from the prior quarter.