YouTube is a most popular video streaming site that has millions of traffic daily. Not to forget it is the most popular video library available today. Even our visitors do visit YouTube almost every day. Youtube is the best free place for watching music videos online and also Movies. Youtube has the largest collection of all kinds of videos possible on this planet as almost 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. So you can judge the amount of content which is available on the site for its visitors.

Hello Guys today in this tutorial, we are gonna explain to you how to download YouTube videos on Android. By following this method, you can download and record any YouTube video on your phone or Android tablet with ease and Save them for further use. We are gonna Give List of Top 5 Apps which can be Used to Download videos from youtube.

Top 5 YouTube Downloader For Android 2017

1) Snaptube Video Downloader

This is one of the latest apps which is available today to download videos from snaptube and one of the best 1 which we have personally used so far. Snaptube comes with an elegant and eye-pleasing interface.It has an easy to use interface to download videos from multiple sources like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, vuclips and many more. It allows you to download videos in different resolutions ranging from 4k To 144p, multiple formats and also in audio version easily. Download Snaptube from Here. It offers multiple batch downloading, and inbuilt Web Browser.

2) Instube Youtube Downloader

Instube is 2nd amazing youtube downloader for android having a beautiful materialistic design. Instube has the best user interface and it also supports not only video download, but it also lets you download music in android. Instube not only supports Youtube but also supports dozens of other platforms including – Facebook Twitter, Instagram. It has all the features which snaptube has but with just a design changes and option to add sites in its database

3) Tubemate

Tubemate was the most popular downloader for android and its popularity is not gonna decrease. Tubemate youtube downloader being the first of its type youtube downloader app allowed downloading of youtube videos very easily. It comes with easy interface though it does not comply with material design thus you might feel like using very old version android. We really hope the Developers behind tubemate come up with some more materialistic and artistic design. After all, it was the first love of many of the Android phone users once upon a time.

4) Videoder

Videoder is also on our list as it is an amazing Video and YouTube Music downloading the application for your Android device. It has been loved and appreciated by over 20 million users around the world. Download the latest version of Videoder now and start downloading your favorite Music and Videos. The application offers different formats from different sources like facebook,instagram,vevo,, + 170 more websites. The most amazing feature is it can help us queue up different videos to be downloaded.

5) Vidmate

This one is another Free youtube video Downloader which lets you download videos and music from youtube, facebook, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, and many other sites. This single app has a large list of sources which can be streamed easily from the app itself, and also can download those videos easily. I liked the material design interface. The app looks amazing and also is easy to use.


So we have given you the list of best apps to download youtube videos and now it is upon you which one do you prefer. Our preference has always been a snaptube app but we can’t force you to use the same. Just try out all the apps and see which works better for you and add it to your Must Have app list. For any other questions or queries just comment below and we will be happy to help you out.


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