Before we start the discussion, answer this - it is obvious that you visit a lot of websites with domain name something like “,” but do you often visit websites with domain name “”?

When you are in the initial stages of creating an online presence and getting people to know you, then domain name matters. No doubt, most people are already aware of the importance but the confusion lingers and all the what, when, why comes in the picture. To increase the misery you start seeing ads for bigrock and get discounts for buying domain name and domain sites keep jamming you everywhere you go.

Let’s clear this confusion and see how can you buy a great domain name that simply stands out –

What name to choose?

Right after deciding a domain name, you go to a domain website just to find out it is already taken and you are being offered something similar. This happens with almost everyone; however, what most people do wrong here is just changing a part of the name. Instead, drop that old name and get a new domain name, even if it means creating one because a unique domain name becomes your brand identity.

The name of your domain should be a single word and not a mixture of 2-3 words because that does not work. Just use your creativity and tweak a little bit to come up with something new, like joining parts of two words together.

How to pick a domain name tips?

.com, .net, .org or what?

Always prefer .com, unless you are going for a country-specific site like selling products only in India (.in). A different extension means you’ll have to work a lot to get people to remember that you are not using .com. It is also evident that why most popular websites have .com extension because first, it is easy to recall and second, everyone initially searches for .com and then for other extensions. So, if you cannot find .com and you are being offered a different extension .org, .in, .net, etc., then change the name and start the search again.

Competitors have a similar domain

One thing that matters a lot before buying a domain is if your competitors have a nearly similar name. If they do, then you are in for trouble, never buy a domain name that might confuse your users. When you say the domain name of your website, nobody should confuse it with any other site. You obviously don’t want to drive traffic to your competitor’s site. And regardless of the popularity of competitors, this frustrates customers; they came in to check your website and landed somewhere else, that’s irritating!

Letters or numbers

Many people might say otherwise, but we strongly believe that you should only use letters in your domain name. Hyphen, dash, numbers, and spaces complicate the name, these are not as simple as domain names that contain only letters. Think about it, you tell a friend about your domain and then you have to justify “Six as in the number 6.” That does not make sense.

Easy or not?

Definitely, go for an easy and simple to type domain name. Apart from a name that contains only letters, it should be simple to type. If you choose something like “scripturient,” then you might learn the pronunciation and spelling from Google, but your users might not do that. Avoid names that need an extra explanation as this directly means that you will have to make extra efforts to get people to visit your website.

Just like the name is a person’s identity, the domain name is a website’s identity, and you have the advantage to choose a good identity for your site. Therefore, do your research and pick a domain name that speaks for itself and needs no explanation.

Final Suggestion: Dot Com is King and Hyphens should be avoided to come up with a great domain name.


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