Trust me. The world is full of talented failures! You’d know by yourself by glancing at this article.

Day 2 day Transformation keeps on changing, Hoverboard to HoverCart and then it’s time to HoverBike. I am very keen to get you known about the things going around the Globe whenever some excited evolution happens.

So here comes the three times Guinness Book Record achiever Colin Furzes’ Homemade HoverBike, made with some motors which lift him from the ground.

Transformation to Hoverboard “HoverCart”

His name is “Colin Furze,” His nickname is “Mad Scientist.” He designs a fully functional flying HoverBike with a pair of motors and propellers.

This YouTuber is used to make things that are insane likely, retractable Wolverine claws, Ironman Suit, and now this time surprisingly succeeded in the craziest Homemade HoverBike.

Colin specified in detail how he built this crazy HoverBike. If you watch out the video, HoverBike isn’t getting off much higher from the ground. The full development process has been mapped on Furze’s YouTube channel.

Note: Don’t try this at Home

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