Facebook published a blog post on Monday warning its users about a bug that automatically unblocked the users they had blocked previously. Facebook said that the blocked users could access the profile of a user who had blocked them before and could see their posts and message them. This bug affected both Facebook and its messaging app, Messenger.

When a person is blocked on Facebook, they will automatically be unfriended and can no longer see your posts or message you or search your profile again. This feature was mostly utilized by people to escape harassment on the platform and this bug has affected the privacy of such users who use the feature.

The bug disclosed the posts that were posted to a wide range of audience, friends of friends or public. Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer, Erin Egan apologized for the fallacy and said that Facebook is reaching out to 800,000 people across the globe that were affected by the bug. The company has now fixed the bug, but it’s a matter of concern as the social media company is making news for all the wrong reasons lately.

The bug was said to be active from 29th of May till 5th of June and the company has decided to send a pop-up notification to the affected users from Monday. Facebook has revealed that out of all the people who were affected by the bug, 83% of them had only one such person they blocked to be temporarily unblocked by this glitch. All the privacy-related disclosures that are being made by Facebook are a result of privacy crisis at the company.

It’s the second time in less than a month wherein Facebook has notified users about their major software bugs that invaded users privacy. Previously in the month of May, a software bug had affected 14 million Facebook users that led them to post publicly by default irrespective of their previous settings.

It’s still unknown if Facebook discovered the error by itself or realized it after receiving complaints from users and the company has not revealed when the error was discovered too.


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