China’s hidden plan to utilize targeted tariffs as a mode to separate various groups that politically favor Donald Trump has been exposed in a leaked document. The leaked documentation is a propaganda notice that was issued to the media by the Chinese government. This propaganda was published online by China Digital Times recently.

This notice from the Chinese government is an indicative response to the trade war that is going on between China and the United States. China is determined to even the score with their tariff totaling plan in response to the plan of Donald Trump’s government to strike China with $34 billion worth of tariffs on goods in future.

The propaganda states that the Chinese government will be stopping their negotiation with the U.S. government as of now, introducing new policies by considering the public’s opinion and targetting by splitting apart different domestic groups in the U.S.

The propaganda has also instructed media not to report news on Trump’s or any other agent’s commentaries. The document states that any statement by the media shouldn’t “attack Trump’s vulgarity; don’t make this a war of insults.”

While there have been different guessworks if the Chinese government is firm about its threats of requital tariffs, this propaganda affirms speculations that China will aim at undermining the American industries. This document exposes China’s wish to adversely affect particular industries in America that are a major part of Trump’s base to create domestic disaffect in Trump’s policies.

Many lawmakers in the U.S. are warning Trump that Chinese tariffs would affect the agriculture industry because of his vigorous economic policies imposed against China. China had imposed heavy tariffs on agricultural goods like sorghum and soybean, which are massive exports from the mid-west that had a large voter base for Trump during the elections in 2016. So, China is planning to bring down the number of Trump supporters by affecting the regional economy in the mid-west.

Lu Kang, Foreign Ministry Spokesman from China told media that China is fully prepared for a trade war with America as the official game plan for handling the issue is already planned.


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