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Microsoft Acquires Beam, A Live Streaming Game Service

Microsoft Acquires Beam

Seattle-based interactive game streaming service Beam has been acquired by Microsoft. Beam is an 8 months old startup company with 24 employees started by an 18-year-old Matt Salsamendi. Beam allows viewers to play along with the streamers as they watch. Beam takes the most passive interaction model that streaming fans use from services like YouTube and Twitch and lets viewers able to interact with the streamer via crowdsourced controls.

This step will support Microsoft’s growth strategy around one of the globally popular social gaming platforms, Xbox Live. The company announced its excitement about beam’s ability to meet “playing and watching” which helps the Xbox Live “more social and fun.” Players can direct the play of the person streaming by interacting through Beam. For example, players can do things like setting selected weapon to load for a multiplayer shooter.

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It was launched at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 and won Startup Battlefield competition. Viewers can help players pick quests, and can even assign challenges that alter gameplay.

Beam will be joining Xbox team, but ensures its commitment towards its mission of importing users and screamers across the platforms. The focus of Xbox’s community is specifically made them a good fit for the young company.

“I’m really excited about Xbox’s focus on community, Beam is fundamentally built on a connected group of passionate individuals that love gaming, and Xbox is super in tune with that. Right now it’s business as usual! We just launched three brand new interactive integrations, and we’ll continue to focus on making the Beam platform an awesome place for gaming communities that want to interact with their audience.” wrote Salsamendi regarding product plans.

Apple Acquires Turi, a Fast, Scalable Machine Learning Platform and AI Startup

The terms of the deal were not disclosed. The company has got its launch on 5 January this year, and the official debut of interactive tools was made at Disrupt in May. The team will be lead by Salsamendi from Microsoft’s Redmond campus where Xbox engineering department operations take place.

Google: A new division of Startup Dubbed “AREA 120” To Keep Talented employees

AREA 120 google startup

A new Startup developing “AREA 120” by Google which never leaves let the Talent’s go

Google Building its own Startup Incubator “AREA 120”     

How Google tries to retain Talented Employees!!!

Google Employees now can start-up their businesses’ within the company with an incubator dubbed “AREA 120.”

Opposed to lose its key talent, Sundar Pichai CEO of Google projected to stop its company’s personnel jumping from its ship. So a new Start-up dubbed “AREA 120” by Google, which never leaves let the Talent’s to jump over from their ship.

The Incubation start-up “AREA 120” will be helmed by Don Harrison, and Bradley Horowitz, According to the source of Information. Harrison, the VP of Google’s corporate development and Bradley, the VP for Google’s Photos and Streams are the long-time executives of Google.

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What is AREA 120?

The entrepreneurial scope will let Google personnel prosper their notion, which will support with raised funding by Google. The team within Google should submit their business plan and apply to Area 120. Once employee’s outlines the Business design, the teams of the said project can work on full time basis.

Days pass after few months, if the described design is approved and they get an option either to set a new company or to pitch for more funding. We don’t know what and how Google gets back a return on Investment (ROI), but Google will be an investor for the initial start-up. The time stated was unclear, but the whole process will hopefully take several months.

Why is it named AREA 120?

According to the sourced information, the 120 in AREA 120 is an admiration to Google’s famed 20 percent time which asks that employees spend one-fifth of their working hours on projects that inspire and astound them.”

The philosophy of Google’s 20 percent time workplace philosophy resulted by Google News, Gmail and AdSense. The announcement claims AREA 120 will be fixed exclusively by Google, not to its Google Mountain View Campus, i.e., Alphabet Inc. A question rises that 20% of the time does exist at Google.

The AREA 120 focused mainly not to sidestep from Google. Considering, earlier this month Ex – DARPA head Dr. Regina Dugan left Google for Facebook. She was running ATAP (Advanced Technologies and Products) lab at Google. A120 will locate at Google’s San Francisco office building

According to Business Insider when Google debuted Alphabet Inc last year, Larry Page wrote that one of its goals was ‘empowering great entrepreneurs and companies to flourish,’ some of whom might not want to build their businesses within Google proper.

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World’s First touch enabled programmable T-Shirt with water-proof by Indian Start-up

Touch Enabled TShirts

Technology keeps on changing drastically and placed great emphasis on humankind. It has a tremendous impact on the people in different aspects. Humans, who rejoice the technology a lot, also extending their hands to develop it even more.

Have anyone ever thought of a T-shirt, which can be customizable to our preference by connecting to a smartphone. Probably it’s a dream just to imagine it. But it is made in real by a recently started company in Telangana.

Broadcast Wearable’s, an Indian based start-up in the city of Hyderabad is launching world’s first App connected LED T-shirt. Advancing the technology, the smart wearable is made up of a cloth material which consists of LED panel and touch display. It can be On/Off by just touching it.

The Smart t-shirt can show texts, designs, logos and images on it which are loaded on the smartphone connected to it. A micro controller is used to display the information on the LED panel sourced from the mobile.

The front surface of the garment includes an LED panel which is about the size of an a4 paper. Concerning the user’s comfort, they used Surface Mounted Device SMD-LED with Flexible Printed Circuit Board. The Display panel includes a total of 792LEDs illuminating the front part.  A thin wire is connected between the front panel and 1500 mAh battery at the back.

The motive behind the design is to make user enjoy both comfort and technology at their will. The Flexible material used for this Programmable T-shirt is waterproof and therefore washable. To make it last longer without recharge, the company is looking for an even low power consuming LEDs throughout India.

Ayyappa Nagubandi, the founder of the start-up, stated that they would release an API for creating an ecosystem and thus by enabling others to use this technology for developing more products shortly. Being in the pre-production stage, they are eyeing to start the campaign for taking their product to the people, Investors. The final price details would also be revealed then at the Campaign itself.

Website: www.broadcastwear.com

19 years serial entrepreneur lands $4 million in backing for online shipping startup

max lock fleet

Max Lock, a young entrepreneur from Portland, had started an on-line start-up called Fleet. Established in the year 2014, the Portland-based logistic Firm had received an investment fund of $4 million.

He worked as an IT administrator in a restaurant in Philadelphia at the age of 15. He got fed up with the taste of the ice cream provided there, and he moved to find a better way of making ice cream. Started an ice-cream start-up by the name Schoolboy Ice-cream, which was quickly owned by a pizza shop.

Lock skipped his college education in San-Francisco for participating in a Pitch Competition called Tech Crunch Disrupt where the venture capitalists are eyeing on. On getting the second place in the Event, he was offered a fellowship of $100,000 a year for two years by Thiel Foundation.

Initially Launched in San-Francisco Fleet, formerly known as Shipstr was moved to Portland for a lesser cost of living and to get close to the shipping industry. Owning 13 employees until now allows companies to post shipping jobs online and carrier agencies to complete the process. Fleet works on the USP that better communication between the users and freight carriers would gain more success.

max lock fleet logistics

In prior to Fleet, Lock founded Intergreen distributors which are a paper item importing firm and Mediaspork an IT company for restaurants Hunt Technologies, leading the group of capital investment companies including Telegraph Hill Capital, LatAm Partners LLC, Placid Ventures LP, GrowthX Fund and NFQ a was attracted by the idea of this young Start-up and invested the seed capital fund of $4 million.

Mr.Lock had substituted the internet for phone calls, emails, and fax for the movement of goods which would be more efficient than the existing services. The on-line based start-up gives quotes and reviews on the different Freight Carriers in shipping industry thus by allowing users to choose the carrier basing upon the cost, efficiency, time of delivering the goods.

On the other hand carrier agencies can also join Fleet, to reduce their promotional charges, get connected to the new users & out expand their services which are faster and cheaper than the existing Freight carriers. It enables small and upcoming to enrol into the website and expand their services from small to mid-sized business firms.

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