Google Science fair is an annual event where teenagers round the world are invited to showcase their science projects. Shree Bose at the age of 17 beat over 10,000 other entries from 91 countries entered in the fair with her project on Chemotherapy Drug, Cisplatin. Bose then got $50,000 scholarship from Google and a chance to meet President Obama on winning the Google’s first Science fair Trophy. The Grand prize included a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands and a visit to CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research, largest practical physics laboratory) in Switzerland.

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The girl was invited to The White House as the winner of the First Google Science Fair, where she was very nervous when the President entered his Oval office and stretched his hand to give a hand shake but she stepped ahead and bear-hugged Mr. Obama.

“I was so starstruck! That one of the most powerful leaders in our world cared so much about kids going into science, that was just the most inspiring thing,” said Bose to Business Insider.

Bose was more passionate about public speaking, after her win and meet with the honorable President. So, she soon started giving speeches on STEM education advocacy. Bose met Obama for the second time when she was sitting next to Bill Nye at White House Science Fair. And at that hearty moment Mr. Obama came up and said “Oh, you again!”

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After 5 years, Bose 22 is now graduating from Harvard. She is going to go to Duke medical college in the fall and going to take Oncology as specialization though she doesn’t know what she wants to focus. Piper, an electronics toolkit manufacturer is cofounded by the little girl Bose. These electronic tool kits are manufactured to grab kids interested in engineering.

Shree Bose is been with Google for long time judging the Science fair and recently she was the first person to test the company’s new product. Bose visited the Google’s New York City office where she gave a speech on science and her advocacy for sciences and math education. At the same time it requested her to test the new real-time Q&A tool in its presentation app. And during her presentation students who attended the vent submitted around 170 questions.

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Shree said that she has noticed many times that few stragglers come up with great questions in the end of the session, which she wished could be answered on stage. Now, she claims that this tool will help the student by less terrifying them to submit their questions form the huge crowd of the event.

“How to start making World a better place?”- is the best question asked at the presentation at Google, which made Bose remember how she choose to research cancer after the dead of a family member with the disease.

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To make a difference students should first, “find something that bothers you on a very personal level,” said Shree Bose. And she finally said that she know that she wants to continue flaring up the young peoples’ passions for science and will support Google’s event “as long as they have me.”

Students have less than two weeks to submit their projects to 2016 Google Science Fair.


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