Romance is in the air. Roses, Chocolate hearts and Valentine’s Day Greeting cards are everywhere. If you really want to be romantic then forget all these products to this Valentine’s Day. Buying a candy or a gift from the store only shows what you are doing. Instead of that take time to find out what is so special and meaningful to him or her. That gesture is more worth than the chocolate heart. Send some romantic Valentine’s Day Shayari to your loved ones to make them feel that they are so special to you.

Valentine’s Day 2017: Images, Wallpapers for Facebook and Whatsapp

Many people around the world mark Valentine’s Day, i.e., on 14th February by showing appreciation for the people by adoring or love. Try some beautiful Valentine’s Day Poems to express your love to your soulmate. We have specially listed the Valentines Day Shayari for Girlfriend/Boyfriend on this site. Most of all the people take their loved ones for a romantic dinner at their favourite restaurant. On this occasion surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend with Valentines Day Love Poems for him/her on them.

Hearts, the colours red and pink, statues of cupids, images and cupids bow and arrows symbolises the feeling of love and romance on Valentine’s Day. Many people exchange Valentine’s Day Greeting cards, flowers particularly roses, chocolates, gifts to their partners. Spend the day with girl friend or boyfriend and don’t forget capture the beautiful moments. These Valentines Day 2017 Greeting cards and Valentine’s Day Shayari in Hindi and English are famous and stores are full of the people on this day.

Eventually the custom of sending Valentine’s Day Greeting cards or messages to those whom they admired and became the way of celebrating this day. Cupid usually portrayed as a small winged figure with an arrow and bow. People who fall in love sometimes said to be struck by the Cupid’s arrow. From this page, save and share the Valentines Day Shayari for Girlfriend/Boyfriend and surprise them with the Valentine’s Day Poems.

Valentine’s Day 2017: Cute Valentines Day Gifts for Girlfriend/Wife

The day focuses more on love, romance and appreciation and sharing of Valentine’s Day Greeting cards between loved ones. Every year the celebration of this day on February 14 has been increasing, and most people involve in buying unique gifts to their Valentines. Instead of this, try something new and romantic with Valentines Day Love Poems for him/her. Moreover, apart from buying cards from stores make an attempt of DIY Valentine’s Day Greeting cards with makes your beloved ones more special and don’t forget to mention the Valentine’s Day Shayari.

  • I know what I ask is a little much.
    I just want us to be able to touch.
    Hold each other and never let go.
    But if I ask will the answer be no?
    Either way I have to take a chance.
    May our hearts have one dance?

  • Kisi KeLiyeMarna To AsaanHotaHai Par Kisi Ki YaadonKeSahareJeenaBahotMushkilHotaHai Happy Valentines Day
  • ItneSaalonKeIntejarKeBaad,
    Aaj Mai Khushi Se SamundarBhar Du,
    Tumhare Is Ha SunneKeBaad,
    Kahi Is Smaundar Me Hi Dub Na Jau………….Happy Valentines Day

  • Every day we act as though we are just good friends.
    It is though we are seeing through a different lens.
    But I wish we could be more.
    Because crying makes me feel poor.
    Poor of love, as though nobody loves me.
    If you look it isn’t that hard to see.

  • Log KehteFirteHaiJise Hum PyaarKarteHaiWoEk Chand KaTukdaHai, Par UnheKyaaPataJise Mai Pyaar Karta Houn Chand UskaEkTukdaHai. I Love You And Happy Valentines
  • Dil Ne JiseJindagibharChahaHai
    AajKarunga Mai UnseIkrar,
    JiskiSadiyos Se Tammanah Ki Hai,
    UnseKarunga Mere PyarKaIjahaar
  • love you with all my heart
    Right from the very start
    Our love grows stronger everyday
    With everything you do and say
    Happy Valentines Day
    Our love is here to stay.

  • Na Jane Kyun Jab Yea HawaayeinMujhe Chu Kar GuzartiHaiDilPeAkDastak Si De JaatiHai … ShayadIshaaro Mein KehtiHai Tum Aane Wale Ho Ya Fir YuhinMujheBehla Kar ChaliJaatiHai……. Happy Valentine Day
  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Music is beautiful
    And so are you
    My love is for you
    For you are in my heart
    My love is for you
    My beautiful sweetheart
    So I hope
    You take this poem to heart
    Because I hope
    That we shall never part
    Happy Valentine’s Day